ITz Little BeWitchMents

ITz Little BeWitchMents : The Bag of Worries and The Magic of Faith by [Eva Heather Kerr]

Eva Heather Kerr’s “ITz Little Bewitchments” is a children’s book, classic story about great friendships, loyalty, magic, love of nature, discovering and faith.

It follows the life of two friends, Eve and Suzie as they navigate life in a witch training academy. While they are two of the most loved students in the school, the book also explores the little mischievous and curious side of their personalities.

Like all children, they never turn down any opportunity for adventure, discovering and making new friends. At the beginning of the book, they even follow something into the courtyard of the academy, a venture that will literally, land them in the academy’s laboratory and a spot of bother. Ultimately, their characters depict what it means to be curious and wise.

Like all good children books, ITz Little Bewitchments has a strong antagonist – Miss Dingbat. She is the academy’s inspector, very determined to get the girls expelled. She follows them around and keeps constant tabs on them, by using her dedicated magpie, Mr Mag to spy and follow the girls everywhere. She keeps reporting the girls to the headmistress, Miss Butterscotch.

Fortunately, the headmistress knows only too well why Miss Dingbat is so determined to see both girls expelled from the academy. Knowing the truth behind the wicked lies of the Inspector, Miss Butterscotch always supports the girls, encouraging them to excel. Ultimately, the support of the Grand Wizard Bruadarach, Miss Butterscotch and many others and the powerful friendships, keep Eve and Suzie winning over many adversities. Time and time again, we see them gracefully face many difficult situations and come out safe with lessons learned.

As we turn the pages of this wonderful book, it is clear that the author’s intent is on communicating and educating about the great importance of friendship and in having strong faith. Believing in oneself, in magic and always following your dreams. As such, the book becomes a great friend and a guide through adversities allowing one to fully grasp the power and importance of friendship, trust, loyalty and truth.

Another thing this book does well is illustrating its scenes. The illustrations are colourful, engaging, and awe-inspiring – things that make them attractive to children. Moreover, it uses colourful descriptive language that inspires imagination.

ITz Little BeWitchMents is a fun, light, magical and educative book that will inspire children to explore, learn and discover.

*Screenplay of the book’s adaptation is currently in the preproduction stage, film featuring over 20 songs.

Pages: 156 | ASIN: B09DJFKTJ8

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