The Final Line Of The Story

Molly Clifford-Nixon
Molly Clifford-Nixon Author Interview

Short Stories and Flash Fiction contains a variety of intriguing stories that vary in length. What draws you to the shorter format of story telling?

I first began authoring short stories when attending a writing group. Whilst with the group I published my debut novel, The Burden of Guilt, but found that I also enjoyed writing short stories. The shorter format of story telling ensures that no word is wasted but has a use within the tale. Sometimes, it is the final line of the story that comes to mind before the storyline and I tend to start from there. The final line of “The Midnight Train” is an example. Knowing that the short story is an acceptable genre enables the writer to use only as many words as a storyline requires.

What were some challenges you set for yourself as a writer with these stories?

I find a constant challenge is ensuring that life does not prevent me from writing. It is so easy to spend time on other things that need to be done.

I can honestly say that I do not set myself actual writing challenges within my stories. I love creating stories and once the idea has come to me, I enjoy allowing the characters to take form and seeing how the story unfolds. I let my writing take me to wherever it wants to go.

The one challenge I have set myself away from my short story writing is to adapt “Infinity” into a television script, which is a genre I have not yet attempted.

“Valentine’s Day” was my favorite story from the collection. Do you have a favorite from the book?

My favourite story is “Infinity.” It is my first attempt at writing fantasy and I had such fun creating a world where anything could happen and the possibilities within it endless. I have no doubt that one day Timomathon will once again leave Humanland to return to Infinity for a quest that lies somewhere in the future.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

At the moment I am contemplating a sequel to The Burden of Guilt, but there will also be more short stories. If I were to set myself a target to ensure I write every day, then anticipated publication would be toward the end of 2022.

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This collection of amazing stories and flash fiction are short enough to read during a coffee break or long enough to enjoy while relaxing.

They will take you on a journey from the expected to the unexpected, the natural to the supernatural.

Become immersed in conflict, humour, love and romance. If you enjoy fantasy, accompany Timomathon as he fights to save his beloved Infinity from the evil that threatens to destroy it.  Or you can follow Anna in her quest to exact retribution on the person she believes murdered her husband.

Find out what changed Helen’s life for ever or discover what lurked inside Adam’s computer.

There is a host of stories for you to laugh at the humour, shed a tear at the sorrow or ponder at the reflections and on occasion, let your mind leave reality behind.

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