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Eleanor Tremayne
Eleanor Tremayne Author Interview

The Agape Journey follows an journalist on a globe trotting race to find the a powerful historical artifact. What excited you about this story and motivated you to continue writing?

All of my female protagonists are strong women that are challenged to pursue various paths in their lives that ultimately establishes their credibility. Imani Lewis has always been surrounded by impressive role models. Both her mother and grandmother gave her the inner confidence. Nevertheless it is her father’s letters, perhaps ironically and unexpectedly that guides Imani to accepting her calling in life. As I was creating the Imani character I was able to include many of my own personal experiences as well as others who have learned how to move beyond their own limitations.

Imani is a unique character that felt authentic. What were some character traits of hers that you most relate to?

Imani is determined to face any obstacle that she meets as long as it does not require her to become emotionally involved. Her relationship with Phoenix is her Achilles Heel, and she realizes this while at Santander. I believe many strong women have this same apprehension and must learn how to move forward.

I enjoyed the history and culture in this story. What research did you undertake for this novel to get it right?

I have been very fortunate to travel the world using personal experiences in many of my novels. Thesituation that Imani has at the Cairo Marriot was inspired by a trip that my daughter Alexandra and I took in 1994, where we stayed in that hotel for one week.

Many of the spiritual lessons alluded to in the novel were learned during Bible lessons and sermons by the two pastors that I dedicated tis book to.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

There are two projects on my schedule. The first is an adaptation of my novel, High Tea with Ophelia, to a play script. I have always thought this novel would make an entertaining play and several theatre actors agree. My next novel is, The Saint Augustine Sisterhood. It will be a story of five ladies from very diverse backgrounds containing DNA from powerful historical women. Together these ladies dedicate themselves to making significant cultural improvements in the ancient city of Saint Augustine. There will be supernatural events blended with new medical research to offer readers some fascinating answers to immortality. This novel is scheduled to be released late 2022.

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If Ann Frank had the Agape Carpet would she be still alive today? How many lives did the Agape save from its conception in 200AD? Phoenix Baldwin has been hired by the Firm, a group of wealthy investors who are anxious to discover Agape’s powers. But, will Imani Lewis, the determined independent journalist, from New York be the one to discover Agape?
From Cairo, to Machu Picchu, to a small city in the Midwest the race to find the Agape continues.

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