Axel and Ava as Cat Sitters

Axel and Ava are so excited to find out their friend Becca just adopted a new cat. They rush over to Becca’s house to meet the new cat. When they arrive, Becca tells them they need to be patient and let the cat come to them when it is ready. She explains how rescue animals are very afraid of people to start till they know they can trust them. Axel and Ava however are impatient. When Becca runs out, they try and force the cat to play and interact with them. Axel ends up getting scratched and the cat runs out the door.

This interesting picture book by Tuula Pere and illustrated by Nyamdorj Lkhaasuren tells not only the story of Axel and Ave with the new cat but gives children a good lesson on how to act and not act around new animals. It highlights the importance first off of adopting an animal from a shelter, and then how to introduce that animal to your friends. The language used is age-appropriate for early elementary and kindergarten children. The concepts are presented in a manner they can relate to, most kids want to play with new animals and often don’t understand that what they do with their own pets is not always okay with a new one. Explaining the consequences of not listening to pet owners and following directions is done in a kind and gentle way as well. Children will follow the antics of Axel and Ave while learning a valuable lesson.

Axel and Ava as Cat Sitters is an educational picture book on the do’s and don’ts of meeting a new animal. The creative artwork adds to the charm of this insightful story. This would be an excellent book to give to a child when getting ready to add a new animal to the family or for a school library.

Pages: 36 | ASIN : B09K4CXW3Z

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