Finding Balance and Success

Heather Wilde Author Interview

Birth of a Unicorn shares the six steps to success that you learned throughout your life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I wanted to show people that you don’t stop being yourself when you go to work — everything that you do at home affects the way we approach work, and the things we do at work affect our home life. By writing a book that seamlessly integrates the stories of my life, relationships, and work — including the failures and successes along the way — I hope that others are able to step into the adventure and see a bit of themselves — and then be able to apply more of these frameworks to themselves.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about entrepreneurship?

So many people look at Instagram images and youtube videos of entrepreneurs with fancy lifestyles and talking about the hustle culture and think it’s this glamorous thing. What they don’t realize is that it’s years of low or no pay, 80-100 hour work-weeks, and struggling just to make ends meet in the hopes that you might one day hit the lottery and be able to afford to have a normal life. It’s anything but comfortable, all for the illusion of freedom from “the man.”

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who’s struggling to balance their career and personal lives?

I always recommend that people take stock of what they’re actually doing in their day — start by writing a journal of their week, and the amount of time they spend on each activity. They’ll quickly find that the things they want to can easily be swapped in for things that they are doing that are of low value to them but are being done out of habit, or that they’re wasting time doing a lot of things that they really don’t want or need to do.

Many people don’t have the luxury of being able to control how much they work, or even who they work for — but you do have the choice of what to do with the time you’re not spending at work.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The next book I’m working on is a compilation I’ve contributed to on the future of work — it will be available this spring. Check my website for more information!

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In this book, you’ll find the true story behind one of Silicon Valley’s famous companies on its rise to the top. Peek behind the curtain as you see the highs and lows from an insider perspective, on the roller coaster that is the startup life. What emerges is a lasting friendship, a billion-dollar company, and an understandable framework of success for you to replicate.

You’ll learn:
How to find the balance between your career and personal life.

Why emotional awareness and critical thinking are as important as specialized knowledge.

How to identify the real skills you need to build a “Unicorn” team.

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  1. Way to go, Heather! Wishing you much success with your next project.


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