Fetch Me a Hangman by R. G. Ashcroft is a legal thriller that presents readers with an eerie, vicious crime, a slew of intriguingly suspicious characters, and a wholesome lawyer that has been given the unpleasant task of representing the lead suspect. This legal thriller opens with a bang, giving readers a teaser of the crime. As a non-lawyer reading this gripping novel, I particularly enjoyed the moral challenge that Ashcroft presents – what is a lawyer obligated to do if there is reason to believe his client is guilty, or, at a minimum, not telling the whole truth? I believe that both lawyers and non-lawyers alike will enjoy this legal thriller which contains a creative and multifaceted story.

The novel centers on Brandeis Fields, an upstanding lawyer in the small village of Clifton Springs. Brandeis lives a relatively simple and pleasant life, one that many would dream of. A well-paying and consistent career, a doting wife, and two teenage children who are exceptionally pleasant. Brandeis’s peaceful life is turned upside down when he is selected to represent Aaron Tait, the young man accused of committing a brutal murder in this otherwise idyllic town. Aaron, resentful of Brandeis for thinking he might be guilty, is less than a forthcoming client and seems hellbent on doing everything he can to not help Brandeis defend him. As Brandeis and Aaron move through the legal process together, other intriguing characters are introduced to the mix, including fellow lawyer Bill Williams, whose methods are questionable, to say the least; the seductive and mysterious lawyer Jenna Hines, whose surprise appearances are not entirely welcome; and the tight-lipped Maria St. Rosa, nurse to one of Brandeis’s clients who may know more than she lets on.

Ashcroft excels in his presentation of the legal process and the intricacies that it involves. Readers will learn so many interesting facts about different components of the law in this book – from the rules surrounding bail to jury selection to sentencing. Ashcroft explains these concepts in relatively simple terms through the eyes and voice of his protagonist, Brandeis, whose fatherly and lawyerly characteristics make him a good teacher.

Fetch Me a Hangman is a fast-paced legal thriller. There were a number of loose ends that were not tied up by the end of the book, possibly setting readers up for a sequel. Ashcroft has created an intriguing cast of characters and the plot had many twists and turns. This is a brilliant crime novel filled with suspense.

Pages: 316 | ASIN : B09MZKBFC9

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