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The Dark Web Murders

As Judge Neeson holds a party with well-established millionaires, other judges, and famous revelers, his judge’s judicial assistant is said to have been tasked with meeting someone claiming to carry incriminating files on him. The following day the assistant finds the judge’s house vacant with only Neeson’s dead body left on the floor. Head bashed in and body assaulted beyond belief, Detective Chief Inspector Sheehan is put to the task of solving the murder of Judge Neeson.

Over the following weeks, Sheehan discovers that they are dealing with a provenly deranged serial killer as more bodies are uncovered. And as fate would have it, each murder is documented and justified by the killer on a blog posted to the Dark Web called “Niemen,” which launched the same day Judge Neeson was discovered. Each post proceeds with decoding the meaning of old philosophies surrounding vigilante work and justice of the people and the fate of the victim the author decided to unleash these philosophies on.

Author Brian O’Hare’s gripping book The Dark Web Murders is filled with impressive realism and has been well researched. Rarely seen these days in a lot of fictional crime, the attention to detail truly makes this enthralling book stand out against the crowd. Using a slow-burn approach, the author introduces small details about the setting and crime scenes to the reader. This attention to detail continues throughout, creating a complex plotline. In the style of a hard-boiled mystery, O’Hare gives extensive and often gruesome details to his murder scenes. This reminded me of Dan Brown’s works, which would leave readers with no doubt about the suffering the victims endured.

One characteristic that makes this unique novel stand out is the character development. Each character is distinct and memorable. The side characters are lovable and realistic, giving readers someone to relate to as they progress through some of the darker moments. The crimes have a poetic justice feel to them with the killer’s use of philosophical ideas that presents a calculated series of killings.

The Dark Web Murders is a riveting crime thriller that will have readers on edge till the end. The mystery behind the murders is engrossing as clues will lead readers down false trails and keep them guessing until the reveal.

Pages: 322 | ASIN : B07NYH1FK4

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Fetch Me a Hangman by R. G. Ashcroft is a legal thriller that presents readers with an eerie, vicious crime, a slew of intriguingly suspicious characters, and a wholesome lawyer that has been given the unpleasant task of representing the lead suspect. This legal thriller opens with a bang, giving readers a teaser of the crime. As a non-lawyer reading this gripping novel, I particularly enjoyed the moral challenge that Ashcroft presents – what is a lawyer obligated to do if there is reason to believe his client is guilty, or, at a minimum, not telling the whole truth? I believe that both lawyers and non-lawyers alike will enjoy this legal thriller which contains a creative and multifaceted story.

The novel centers on Brandeis Fields, an upstanding lawyer in the small village of Clifton Springs. Brandeis lives a relatively simple and pleasant life, one that many would dream of. A well-paying and consistent career, a doting wife, and two teenage children who are exceptionally pleasant. Brandeis’s peaceful life is turned upside down when he is selected to represent Aaron Tait, the young man accused of committing a brutal murder in this otherwise idyllic town. Aaron, resentful of Brandeis for thinking he might be guilty, is less than a forthcoming client and seems hellbent on doing everything he can to not help Brandeis defend him. As Brandeis and Aaron move through the legal process together, other intriguing characters are introduced to the mix, including fellow lawyer Bill Williams, whose methods are questionable, to say the least; the seductive and mysterious lawyer Jenna Hines, whose surprise appearances are not entirely welcome; and the tight-lipped Maria St. Rosa, nurse to one of Brandeis’s clients who may know more than she lets on.

Ashcroft excels in his presentation of the legal process and the intricacies that it involves. Readers will learn so many interesting facts about different components of the law in this book – from the rules surrounding bail to jury selection to sentencing. Ashcroft explains these concepts in relatively simple terms through the eyes and voice of his protagonist, Brandeis, whose fatherly and lawyerly characteristics make him a good teacher.

Fetch Me a Hangman is a fast-paced legal thriller. There were a number of loose ends that were not tied up by the end of the book, possibly setting readers up for a sequel. Ashcroft has created an intriguing cast of characters and the plot had many twists and turns. This is a brilliant crime novel filled with suspense.

Pages: 316 | ASIN : B09MZKBFC9

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The Knife Thrower’s Wife

Picture the setting of a peaceful suburban neighborhood with the perfect family, the perfect house with the perfect neighbors. A mirage for the American dream. Julia Green is in a marital rut. As she struggles to put the pieces of her happy life back together, she finds things are not as picture-perfect as they may seem. Oblivious to her husband’s true nature, she starts to unintendingly dig up the dirt on a life she thought was full of love and bliss. To cope with her failed marriage, Julia starts painting scenes from her daydreams that unexpectedly turn her into the prime suspect in her husband’s death.

Author Sheila McGraw takes us through an unconventional murder mystery in The Knife Thrower’s Wife. We follow an average American family whose life turns upside-down when plots of murderous intent and scandalous affairs come to light. This inventive story takes off when Julia is arrested, and her trial begins. This twist in the plot is a beautiful example of the nail-biting anticipation McGraw expertly executes all the way to the climax of this mystery. The author builds suspense for readers as the story races towards the finale. McGraw leaves readers second-guessing Julia’s innocence, and the much-anticipated climax reveals who the killer really is. The story’s rising action created an opportunity for the author to completely surprise her readers.

This psychological thriller is a character study in Julia’s personality. Who she is at the beginning of this complex novel is a complete 180 from where she ends up. Readers will cheer for her as she finds her voice and stops being overlooked and walked over.

The Knife Thrower’s Wife is a riveting murder mystery that will keep you on your toes and have you wondering just what will happen next. The action and suspense are thrilling and make for a page-turning experience readers can not put down till the end.

Pages: 346 | ASIN : B08FHBKPH9

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