Can you say ‘I love you’ too much?

Sheila McGraw
Sheila McGraw Author Interview

Of Love and Pies follows a narrator asking the question, ‘can you say I love you, too much’, by representing the phrase with pies. What was the inspiration for your story?

In answer to the first part of your question… Can you say ‘I love you’ too much? If you live in a place where saying I love you means being inundated with pies, then perhaps you can say I love you too much, but in the real world, there’s no limit on saying ‘I love you’. In fact, I highly encourage it!

What was my inspiration?… I was toying with the idea of writing a book in the nonsense genre of Dr Seuss and Edward lear, albeit in a modern way. At the core of this form of writing is generally a concept. I pondered several forms of a rhyming/story/concept about love, but where to start with such an enormous topic, and how to give it a humorous slant? I started exploring actions and reactions. Say I love you (the action) makes for lots of pies (the reaction). It’s silly and fun… besides there can never be too many books about love (or pies).

Then came the illustrations. For decades my art in the book “Love You Forever” has been reducing readers to tears with its message of love that crosses generations. Love You Forever’s soft illustrations were ideal for that book. Of Love and Pies needed something livelier, funnier, and punchier, and I dug in with ink and watercolor paintings that reflect the wild and humorous intent of the text.

What is one thing that people point out after reading your book that surprises you?

Many point out that the frequency of saying I love You has changed over recent generations. Many say they never heard the sentiment as a child but they say it often with their own children, parents, and friends.

What were some of your inspirations as a writer?

I give thanks to the masters of nonsense rhyming verse: Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, Edward Gorey, Dr. Seuss, and Spike Milligan. Oh, and there’s House of Pies, a restaurant in Houston not far from where I live in Galveston County. The greatest selection of delicious pies ever!

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I currently have two children’s books in the pipeline; a middle-grade adventure book set in New York City, and a graphic novel. Hopefully, both will be out within a year.

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“The author presents a relatable yet highly inventive situation, allowing readers the opportunity to think beyond the bounds of the story. A filling fantasy full of fine flavor.” — Kirkus Reviews In the sweet and boisterous story, Of Love and Pies, every I love you brings more pies, which soon begs the question—can there be too much love or too much pie? As pies accumulate, the children’s hands and faces are sticky, and their clothes have berry stains, while outdoors, the kids no longer get stuck in the mud, they get stuck in the pies. With pies heaped to the moon, something’s got to give, and finally, an imaginative compromise brings the story to a happy and loving resolution.

Of Love and Pies by Sheila McGraw is a delightful and engaging children’s book that asks the question, Can you say “I love you” too much? What would happen if you said “I love you,” “every minute or two?” And what would happen if every time you said, “I love you,” multiple pies were baked? Would the streets be overrun with pies? Would pie suddenly become less special? Would there be so many pies that even a giant couldn’t eat them all? What should you do? McGraw provides a wonderful story-poem to answer that question, accompanied by her own colorful illustrations.
Of Love and Pies will keep children and their parents laughing and entertained. Lively and imaginative, this captivating story-poem and the talented Sheila McGraw’s own whimsical illustrations make for a joyful read. This book describes and illustrates vivid scenarios where there are so many pies everywhere that they are literally underfoot. The characters are colorful and magically drawn. The picture of the pies reaching up to the moon is fantastically delightful. The problem is made apparent, and then a creative and heartwarming solution is offered. Does this mean you have to stop saying “I love you?” Of Love and Pies is a great story for parents to read to their kids. It will not only entertain but will also help teach problem-solving skills to children. This charming book would be a great bedtime read for parents and children, and is sure to end with “I love you.” —Bonnie DeMoss, Readers’ Favorite,

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