Livin’ On The Edge

Livin’ On The Edge by [Rodney Virgil]

Rodney Virgil’s Livin’ On The Edge provides great insight into the situations that lead young African American men to lives of crime. It follows the life of Jaquan Miller, a teenager who, when faced with the unexpected death of his mother, feels compelled to seek revenge. This leads him down a dangerous road full of drugs, violence, and betrayal.

While he starts off as a smart and focused student, the lure of the streets becomes too strong for him to resist. From page to page, we see him falling deeper and deeper into the abyss of crime. And while it is easy to empathize with him, it is also easy to hold him accountable for his situation. In either case, the author paints a vivid and compelling portrait of an intriguing character that goes through a dramatic transformation.

The author has done a fantastic job at making this more than just another victim story – he has clearly shown the ways in which Jaquan’s own greed and ego have led him to make the wrong decisions. He even incorporates dreams that are meant to warn Jaquan about how dangerous his decisions are and the consequences they may have in this life and the next.

But still, Jaquan is relentless in his pursuit of money and power. By the end of the book, it is hard to feel bad for Jaquan or any of his accomplices – we can only hope that they make better decisions going forward.

If there’s one thing this book captures beautifully though, it is the cognitive dissonance that many criminals have. For instance, at some point, Jaquan’s girlfriend is praying for him to be safe as he is out on the streets committing crimes. Beyond that, Jaquan is constantly saying how he loves his girlfriend yet cheats on her with no qualms. Ultimately, such situations show us how easy it is to normalize problematic behaviors, especially where trauma is in plenty.

Another thing that makes this book a joy to read is its writing style – it is light and flows well. The sentences are short and punchy with simple language that easily draws you into the story. Told in a third person perspective this was an engaging story that grew on me and became difficult to put down. As such, you can read it all in a single day.

Pages: 154 | ASIN: B0895MX8X1

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