Simple Preaching Prep

Simple Preaching Prep: A guide to finish your first sermon and flourish beyond. by [Mark Messmore]

In his book Simple Preaching Prep: A guide to finish your first sermon and flourish beyond, Mark Messmore addresses special ways one can preach to ensure that the message they are trying to convey hits home. Mark Messmore writes about the different methodologies you can use and how you can deliver your message with ease. Readers will realize that by going through and reading the simple preaching prep model that the author has demonstrated in the book, they will become an even better preacher than they were before. The prep model involves interviewing the text, narrowing the focus, stating the main idea, including supporting material, delivering the message, and evaluating the result.

I like this book because the content inside is not only great for preachers, but it also works for public speakers in general. Mark Messmore talks about being a great speaker, how to build your oratory skills and how to address different audiences. He gives a step by step guide for people that have never preached, and encourages both new and established preachers. I like how engaging the author is and how pleasant he sounds. Mark Messmore conveys his message in a welcoming and warm manner. As a reader, you feel at ease reading his book and getting to understand what it takes to be the best preacher or speaker.

What makes reading Simple Preaching Prep: A guide to finish your first sermon and flourish beyond pleasurable and interesting is the bible stories that the author uses as examples. Mark Messmore adds bible scriptures and discusses at length some bible stories. He also includes light moments when expounding on the topics and stories, something that encourages one to keep reading. I loved the biblical references in the book. By reading Mark Messmore’s book, one gets a better insight of the bible and God. The author does a fantastic job of simplifying complex ideas so that reader has a better, more comprehensive, understanding of the material.

One of the many lessons I learned in the book includes how to be in sync with your audience and how to capture their full attention. When talking about various audiences, the author is engaging and cordial. Once you read this book, you will reduce your social anxiety by a good fraction and you will gain confidence and be ready to offer your first sermon. This is an effective guidebook for Christian leaders that provides pragmatic advice to help make you a better preacher.

Pages: 83 | ASIN: B09LSNVBCM

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