The Limitations of Existing

Valeri Stanoevich Author Interview

Fancy Shop is a collection of imaginative and thought-provoking short stories. Did you write these stories over time or did you write these stories specifically for this collection?

The stories are written at different times and occasions. What unites them is the unusual view of reality. Their common theme is the desire to overcome the limitations of existing and creating a new world of dreams comes true.

Your characters are intriguing and well developed in so few pages. Who was your favorite character to create?

I tend to Waste who stands against his predestined destiny to save the one who should be himself.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some of the themes in my book are: change as a path to salvation or destruction, the clash between being and mind, dream as a path to one’s own unknown worlds.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

It would be a weird story collection about new challenges such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, loss of identity and their collision with a human mind.

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This slim book is for the reader who asks questions and seeks answers. Does a life follow a predictable path or is it part of existential chaos? What makes an individual go against fate? Is it really worth making the effort? The characters you will find here face these questions.
The short stories presented here take place at different times (past, present, future) with different fantasy levels – from stories that are nearly real to phantasmagorias and new Gothic. The characters are also different: knights, anonymous people, dreamers, outsiders, crazy ones, technocrats, cockroaches, holders of secret knowledge.
What unites them is the urge (gradual or sudden) to leave the orderly system of their lives, attracted by the alluring hope that they can find or create another world of dreams come true, inexpressible truths and oases of redemption of past guilt.
On the way to their new identities, they move freely between reality and fantasy. They are in constant conflict with themselves, and the front line is the line dividing the two hemispheres of their brains. The stories are very short but each has a complex plot, provocative suggestions and a surprising end. Without in any way denying the traditional concepts of good-evil, simple-profound, they lead the reader into worlds in which paradox is a synonym of universal meaning.

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