A Simple Concept – Yet So Powerful!

Xavier Hernandez Author Interview

On The Turning Away: The Real Life Hide & Seek shares with readers your process for finding the things that matter in life, and how to achieve your goals. Why was this an important book for you to write?

It was particularly important for me to write this book for two main reasons. First, it was therapeutic for me. Gathering my thoughts, putting order into the seemingly chaotic lives most of us live, and returning to the basics that both what we yearn for and run away from is found within us. Secondly, I wanted readers to feel as though I were speaking directly to each of them directly and individually. To accomplish that, I used stories, humor, and anecdotes. Real life experiences dealing with new life, childhood years, losing loved ones, and family deterioration are among topics I covered to carry my points across.

Where did the idea of modeling your book after a children’s game, Hide and Seek come from?

As a little boy, one of my favorite games was hide and seek. I especially enjoyed playing a night time. I remember the added challenge that the cover of darkness brought. I vividly remember the lightning bugs flying around in the New Jersey air. It was pure joy. Nothing else mattered during those fun times. The obvious fun of hiding, the incredible job to seek – all under the cover of darkness – with a few lightning bugs to light the way – inspired me to use it as the basis to model my book around. After that realization, the ideas freely flowed. Everything fell into place nicely.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

My father, Oscar, was my greatest advisor, mentor, and provider. He gave me many pieces of advice. I would point out that his “living” was the best example to me for a sound, well grounded family life. However, to answer your question, if I had to pick one? It would have to do with the topic of worrying about things. He would tell me that worrying is futile. If a tough situation in life has a solution, do not worry. Simply go thru the process of solving it. If a tough situation in life has no solution, do not worry. Worrying about something that is beyond control is counter productive, even unhealthy. Like examples in my book, a simple concept – yet so powerful!

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your story?

That you are not alone. That those intrusive thoughts, horrible ideas, past actions, and temptations are not the things that define you. Other people have the very same and even more extreme situations & challenges. It is a part of the human condition. Trust the “person in the mirror” and aim to please that person. Pleasing that person is not meant to be selfish, but instead, should be random acts of kindness. Care for your entire being, both physical and emotional. Visit the lonely. Comfort the sick. You cannot help but feel good about yourself when you do something good for others. It is a part of our spiritual DNA. Lastly, a big take away from my book? Always remember: animals make us human. Want to learn about true unconditional love? Get a cat or a dog!

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As children, we all played hide & seek. The object of the game was to hide so well, we would never be found. Here, we take that very idea of hiding and apply it to real life – from start to finish. Hiding, sometimes where we cannot be found. Also, turning away from those we did find but kept searching. A true reflection of life, regardless of who you are, where you live or how old you are, this book is an eye-opener on things you may have already known but chose to turn away from. All written in simple language, without the use of any organized religion dogma or beliefs. A common sense, philosophical, bitter-sweet view of life – your life!

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