From an Oval

Izzy wants to draw a dog to be his friend and to play with. However, he soon discovers that the oval he drew to start his dog had a different idea about what it will become. When Izzy threw a ball for the oval animal instead of chasing after it, they said Baa Baa and ate a whole in the paper. Izzy became frustrated and told the animal no, you are a dog, but it insisted it was going to be a sheep no matter what Izzy wanted. In the end, Izzy accepts the sheep, and they learn how to have fun together.

From an Oval, written by Najah A. Jabbar, is a creative children’s book that captures the magic of a child’s imagination. The antics of the oval animal as it struggles to be heard is an excellent comparison for children. Kids often want to have some control over their situation, so the sheep is a relatable character. They will understand the animal’s frustration about not being seen for who they are and the desire to be themselves. They will also learn to be accepting of those around them even when they are different from what they anticipate.

Bringing this story to life are the playful illustrations by DeNeal Fletcher. The whimsical images give personality to the oval sheep. The sketch-like drawings are done in a manner that children will be able to see themselves creating, turning their own shapes into new animal best friends.

From an Oval in the From a Shape Izzy Book Series is a magical picture book that preschool and kindergarten children will enjoy and be entertained by. Young kids will see how imagination can lead to creativity and exploring new ideas. This would also be an excellent book for art teachers to use to introduce draw to elementary-age students.

Pages: 33 | ASIN : B09SKC2DF2

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