The French Queen’s Curse

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American-born Kikki possesses a powerful psychic connection with the long-dead French Queen, Margot. These two kindred spirits are drawn together, crossing the boundaries of time and history. However, Margot has a mission that only Kikki can fulfill. Will Kikki be able to deliver on the French Queen’s orders for retribution?

Things are further complicated by Kikki’s partner, Torres, who has a covert operation of his own; the secrets threaten to tear them apart. When the patriarchal forces of ‘The Swords’ endanger everything Kikki holds dear, she must battle on behalf of Margot’s besieged spirit and fight to protect those she loves.

Author Juliette Lauber’s The French Queen’s Curse is a fantasy novel with both modern and historical elements. There is a quintessentially Parisian feel in the setting and themes. The romance and drama flow in abundance, giving readers plenty to look forward to with each chapter.

The author does not detail Kikki’s psychic abilities and her mystical affinity to ‘the Goddess,’ whom she worships and serves. Instead of a lot of background information, the reader is thrust into a world of action, intrigue, and supernatural occurrences right from the start. This gives readers a show rather than tell experience into this mystical element Kikki possesses. In contrast, however, Lauber dedicates a good amount of time to her descriptions of Kikki and Torres’s relationship and the power their love holds.

The pacing in this action-filled novel is fast, and the plot is engaging. The history of the French Queen herself has clearly been well-researched, allowing the reader to feel transported to a different time. Lauber draws skillful parallels between the past and the present; the dominant male order imposes war and violence in both worlds. As a heroine, Kikki herself seems born largely out of wish fulfillment; this does not diminish the fact that she is an active and powerful participant in her own story. Kikki embodies the values of love, beauty, and a uniquely feminine sense of justice. This combination will give readers a strong character to relate to and root for.

The French Queen’s Curse is a historical romance novel with elements of modern-day worked in. Readers will find this thrilling and mysterious fantasy saga filled with action and drama, keeping them on edge and interested from start to finish in Kikki’s story.

Pages: 414 | ISBN : 978-1-64456-465-3

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