Small Town Spirit

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When Jen moves to the small town of Livonia after her divorce, all she want’s is a drama-free fresh start. The last thing she expects is for the ghost of a man whose been dead for over 100 years to appear in her new home. While Miles Hampton has scared away every other resident that has moved into his house, Jen is not so easy to be deterred. Jen finds that Miles is not going anywhere, and Miles realizes that Jen won’t be leaving anytime soon. They come to a mutual agreement on how to coexist in the home they both love. Throw in a few mysterious crimes and Jen’s blooming fling with Lee, the town Detective, and Miles is fit to be tied. When strange things start happening around the town, Miles realizes his purpose is to figure out what is going on. In a fight against Evil, he knows his spirit can’t move on until he completes his mission on Earth. Together, Jen and Miles help each other figure out the cause before it’s too late.

The budding romance between Jen and Lee was sweet. Lee was very patient with Jen and all of her quirks and antics. Jen using Miles’s paranormal powers in order to help Lee solve an ongoing case was amusing to say the least. While he didn’t believe the truth, it was a joke that she was psychic with all that she should have had no way of knowing. It was enjoyable and even humorous as Miles learned about the modern-day world and how much things had changed since he died. It seemed he was in a constant inner battle of the modest way life was in the 1800’s and the looser ways of today. For example, television and how women are ‘supposed’ to act. The way of the world had changed a lot, and Miles was always learning something new.

I appreciated the humor that the author used at times in the banter between Jen and her ex, Keith. He really wasn’t giving up trying to win her back, and she was having none of it. Her conflict between her newly gained independence versus her conflicted feelings for both Miles and Lee brought a smile to my face several times.

It was interesting reading about the paranormal happenings and the fight to restore the balance of Livonia back to good. I like how Miles worked with Brad and how each grew stronger as they learned what was needed around them to help others. As Miles was ‘promoted’ in a sense, he was around less and less, however it was evident how strongly he and Jen felt about one another despite the obvious obstacles of their relationship.

I would have liked to have had more closure between Jen and Miles, but I feel that the ending wrapped everything up nicely. I will admit that I wasn’t quite sure how the ending would go. None of my theories turned out to be correct, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The main characters were likeable while remaining relatable and realistic. The plot was unlike anything I’ve read, making every twist and turn an adventure in itself. Small Town Spirit is a suspenseful paranormal novel that smartly adds a little bit of humor to spice up a charming romance story.

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