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Captive Attraction

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Captive Attraction by Patricia Crumpler centers around Aril-Ess, a princess and a geologist, who takes her role as a scientist seriously, and prefers to be treated as an equal, not royalty. Aboard an exploratory airship, Aril-Ess and the crew quickly learn that their biggest challenges are not what discoveries or scientific research lie ahead, but rather, they are targets of a trafficking operation, looking to enslave and auction off their captives at the highest price. When Aril-Ess finds herself in the midst of this horror, she must act quickly and learn how to fight to survive.

From the beginning, Crumpler introduces us to the lively personalities of the characters through vibrant dialogue. The reader plunges into the action immediately, which quickly develops as Aris-Ess and other captives adapt to their unpredictable surroundings. I found the writing style intriguing, with sharp visuals of planets, the glow of multiple moons, and the intense anxiety of characters and their unknown fate. As Aril-Ess gets familiar with her new role, enslaved to a wealthy owner, she must decide how to strategize her escape or adapt to a new, unexpected life.

I enjoyed the author’s brilliant character development, which is well portrayed almost exclusively through dialogue, which is thrilling, action-packed, and with lots of humor and enjoyable sarcasm. It’s an excellent story for science-fiction enthusiasts, interlaced with flashes of sexual encounters and unexpected romance. I found the story surprisingly witty and thrilling to read.

Captive Attraction by Patricia Crumpler is a creative sci-fi romance that is worth reading for anyone who’s a fan of the genre or looking for a refreshing story. I recommend this book for it’s exceptional writing, excellent narration, and exciting, lively characters. Captive Attraction is an entertaining read if you’re looking for a story with a few unique twists and superb plot development.

She Felt Real To Me

Patricia Crumpler Author Interview

Small Town Spirit follows a divorced woman who buys a haunted house, she and the ghost become friends and help solve some mysterious crimes in the town. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

For a number of years I had a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. One of the long-time residents of the area told me about a local woman who was visited by a ghost, a long-dead relative. The ghost answered questions that no one else knew, including who did what to whom. Inspired by that tale, I wrote a short story; then the idea of this book came to me. It was remarkably easy to write as the characters appeared and the story progressed. almost on its own.

What was the inspiration for the relationship that develops between the characters?

I write romances and science fiction. I added a romantic aspect to the story and made that aspect different from most romances, meaning the ghost became a romantic figure as well as the detective.

What was your favorite character to write for and why? Was there a scene you felt captured the character’s essence?

I enjoy the main characters but the one who made me smile is Madame Zelda, the town Seer. She had a lot of facets to her personality and I relate to fun, older women. What captured her essence is when she really could read people just by their expression. She felt real to me. My favorite scene with her is when she showed Jen photos of the family that answered a lot of questions Jen had about the ghost, Miles.

When do you plan to publish and release Small Town Spirit?

The publisher has the manuscript now. I hope to sign a contract soon. If not in a few weeks, I will strongly consider self-publishing.

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Small Town Spirit

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When Jen moves to the small town of Livonia after her divorce, all she want’s is a drama-free fresh start. The last thing she expects is for the ghost of a man whose been dead for over 100 years to appear in her new home. While Miles Hampton has scared away every other resident that has moved into his house, Jen is not so easy to be deterred. Jen finds that Miles is not going anywhere, and Miles realizes that Jen won’t be leaving anytime soon. They come to a mutual agreement on how to coexist in the home they both love. Throw in a few mysterious crimes and Jen’s blooming fling with Lee, the town Detective, and Miles is fit to be tied. When strange things start happening around the town, Miles realizes his purpose is to figure out what is going on. In a fight against Evil, he knows his spirit can’t move on until he completes his mission on Earth. Together, Jen and Miles help each other figure out the cause before it’s too late.

The budding romance between Jen and Lee was sweet. Lee was very patient with Jen and all of her quirks and antics. Jen using Miles’s paranormal powers in order to help Lee solve an ongoing case was amusing to say the least. While he didn’t believe the truth, it was a joke that she was psychic with all that she should have had no way of knowing. It was enjoyable and even humorous as Miles learned about the modern-day world and how much things had changed since he died. It seemed he was in a constant inner battle of the modest way life was in the 1800’s and the looser ways of today. For example, television and how women are ‘supposed’ to act. The way of the world had changed a lot, and Miles was always learning something new.

I appreciated the humor that the author used at times in the banter between Jen and her ex, Keith. He really wasn’t giving up trying to win her back, and she was having none of it. Her conflict between her newly gained independence versus her conflicted feelings for both Miles and Lee brought a smile to my face several times.

It was interesting reading about the paranormal happenings and the fight to restore the balance of Livonia back to good. I like how Miles worked with Brad and how each grew stronger as they learned what was needed around them to help others. As Miles was ‘promoted’ in a sense, he was around less and less, however it was evident how strongly he and Jen felt about one another despite the obvious obstacles of their relationship.

I would have liked to have had more closure between Jen and Miles, but I feel that the ending wrapped everything up nicely. I will admit that I wasn’t quite sure how the ending would go. None of my theories turned out to be correct, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The main characters were likeable while remaining relatable and realistic. The plot was unlike anything I’ve read, making every twist and turn an adventure in itself. Small Town Spirit is a suspenseful paranormal novel that smartly adds a little bit of humor to spice up a charming romance story.

Fate’s Sweet Passion

Fate's Sweet Passion by [Patricia Crumpler]

Fate’s Sweet Passion had my attention from page one. The year is 1838, and Queen Victoria has just been coronated. Crumpler’s unique style wove an intriguing web for the reader to meander through. The conflict between Alexina Poole and her cousin, the despicable and conniving lawyer, begins when he tries to force her to marry Peyton Woodleigh, the man she supposedly had been betrothed to since she was three years old. Peyton is the brutish yet handsome owner of Applewood Estate. Alexina must now decide if she will remain teaching at Greenfield School for Young Girls or marry a man she hasn’t seen since early childhood.

Crumpler writes in a captivating style, with interesting characters, riveting cliffhangers, and constant dramatic conflicts that left me desperate to know what happens next. The author spares us the extravagant language and instead smartly uses a more direct narrative and easy to understand language that ensures readers always know what is going on.

This is a romance novel, but it breaks the standard tropes and common romantic setups. Instead, I found myself captivated by the characters actions as well as their underlying motives. Taking place in Northern England, I was given a glimpse of England’s breathtaking countryside, and it all felt authentic and exotic due to the authors superb ability to describe scenes.

Fate’s Sweet Passion has some long chapters, however, Crumpler keeps the action moving and the flow of the story brings each chapter to a stimulating end. Consistent conflicts are presented, seeming unsolvable, yet one by one Alexina and Peyton’s bond grows stronger as they overcome each obstacle.

The blooming relationship between the well-bred Alexina and the obstinate Peyton grows in a convincing and alluring way as they learn what each other brings to the relationship. Despite the many conflicts they must overcome, theirs is a true diamond-in-the-rough marriage.

Fate’s Sweet Passion is a riveting romance novel with an unconventional setup to a romance that is absolutely captivating. With compelling characters and a spellbinding story, fans of historical romance novels will be begging for more.

Pages: 343 | ASIN: B09DJFK69H

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Strong Will

Strong Will by [Patricia Crumpler]

Strong Will by Patricia Crumpler follows Emma Whitstone, who is a reserved and quiet teacher that works with children. Charles Strong Manning is an outgoing, self-assured attorney. The two are completely opposite of each other but end up falling in love, getting married, and starting a family. What Emma doesn’t know is that Strong is the leader of an undercover rescue operation. One of his assignments go wrong and Emma learns several truths and lies about the man she thought she knew. Feeling frightened and hurt, Emma takes her kids and goes into hiding. Will Charles be able to save his family and the love of his life?

Author Patricia Crumpler has written a thrilling romantic action novel. This is an emotionally charged story, something I didn’t expect in an action novel but was pleasantly surprised by. Crumpler’s character development is strong and I enjoyed watching Emma evolve as the story weaved through several unexpected twists and intriguing turns. The author’s writing style is clever as she seamlessly intertwined the double life that Charles lived in a way that was compelling, if not believable. The reader is definitely taken on an emotional rollercoaster wondering if Emma will find out who Charles really is. But the question I was asking myself was, will she stay by his side? You are rooting for the two but the book consistently has readers wondering, who is Charles Strong?

I would have liked to have seen Strong’s character develop a little more because what we’re given is so compelling and I desperately wanted to know more, and to feel as connected to him as I did with Emma. Because he was living two lives it was a little difficult to get to know him. Emma was an open book and the reader knew everything about her. Juxtapose this great character development with intense action scenes and you get a completely riveting read.

Strong Will is a thrilling romantic action novel that surprised me many times and was consistently entertaining.

Pages: 255 | ASIN: B08TSWW5ZQ

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Does one question literary gifts from the Muse?

Patricia Crumpler Author Interview

Patricia Crumpler Author Interview

Death and Disorder follows Vivian as she must solve a rash of suicides on a peaceful planet and uncovers an evil plot in the process. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thrilling story?

I love to read short stories from the Golden Age of Science Fiction. As I read I found situations that intrigued me. Most of the stories back then did not feature women as heroic protagonists. I was inspired by the plots of several stories. I combined the plots to form an adventure and made the lead character a woman who could be vulnerable but strong and wasn’t afraid to tackle big problems.

Vivian is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some ideas that guided her character development?

I am affiliated with several critique groups. In the comments from these groups a common thread was that my female lead characters didn’t take care of problems themselves. They allowed the man to face problems. Taking the comments to heart, I decided to write a character who could take care of her own problems and those of others as well.

I enjoyed the different species you created for your universe. How did you set about creating each species?

That was the easy part. Once I started writing the characters appeared. I’m not sure where they came from but they had their own distinct opinions and personalities. Does one question literary gifts from the Muse? My favorite person in the novel is Sook. He seems real to me.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have a detailed outline of Vivian’s next adventure. I am working on that. It should be ready for revision by year’s end.

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Death and Disorder: A Vivian Wexler Galactic Mystery by [Patricia Crumpler]Vivian Wexler investigates a recent rash of suicides on the planet Sorasol, so peaceful it doesn’t have a word for suicide. As she uncovers an evil alien scheme behind the puzzling deaths, Vivian gets more than she bargains for. Dodging death from an alien underworld, mafia-like aliens want control, addicting her with a mind-body enhancement substance delivered by a small slug-like creature. Their plan backfires. Now smarter and stronger, the improvements offered by the slug opens the door to solving crimes in the galaxy. In Vivian’s quest for justice, is there anyone to help her? Torn between the good she gains from the addiction, and the fact she is addicted, she has to make some life changing choices.

Award-winning author Patricia Crumpler offers a dangerous romp through the galaxy dodging death and weaving through amazingly weird elements. Irresistible and compelling.

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Death and Disorder

Death and Disorder: A Vivian Wexler Galactic Mystery by [Patricia Crumpler]

Death and Disorder: A Vivian Wexler Galactic Mystery by Patricia Crumpler is an adventurous sci-fi story set in outer space. Vivian Wexler is hired to investigate a bunch of suicides on a foreign planet. The twist is that this involves a placid and non-violent species; they have never killed themselves or others. Compared to the Sores, life on Earth is considered a “cesspool.” Wexler’s investigation into the suicides leads to a fascinating and shocking conclusion.

However, she soon encounters more alien species on a mission. Slug-like creatures are used by a lot of these aliens, especially the creative types, to boost their intelligence and abilities. However, they are addictive. Vivian soon becomes involved in this weird and sticky situation, simultaneously aided and suffering from the substance. I enjoyed this duality and how it is portrayed.

Death and Disorder is both gripping and funny; there were a few places where I even laughed out loud; rare for me. Vivian Wexler is an engaging character with an alluring personality- she’s funny and smart without being too staid. I love a well-written heroine, especially in science fiction stories, that can not only hold their own but hit back as well. The pacing in combination with the weird worlds was an addictive combo, so I had trouble putting it down. The author’s imagination is on full display, with numerous species, behavioral tics, and amusing jokes that are rampant throughout the book.

The comparisons between Sarolole and Earth were really interesting. The contrast casts light on the fact that certain tragic and disastrous events on Earth are so often taken in stride. We, being human, often forget how odd we all must seem to an outsider, and Patricia Crumpler has a unique way of giving us this outsiders view of humanity. The romance between Dee and Vivian was also quite adorable. The intriguing dialogue along with well defined character relationships was something that kept me rapt .

Although the terminology of all the new creatures and characters takes a while to catch on, with a little bit of time it gets easier to understand all the Zetas and EBI agents and all. I thoroughly enjoyed this sci-fi space opera and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a funny and adventurous romp through the vastness of space. The ending left me with a smile on my face.

Pages: 273 | ASIN: B086HXFTC7

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