Viglets: Pithy Wisdom for a Balanced Life

Viglets: Pithy Wisdom for a Balanced Life is the first book in Viggo P. Hansen’s series. A unique self-help book that incorporates elements of various poetic forms to describe the nature and importance of Viglets, how they occur and come with a variety of surprises, but make us better prepared for the next one.

The author has sectioned his book into thirteens parts and has truly spun his own web in its creation. His poetry is not strictly rigid in its form. There is a clear favor for free verse forms and subjectively using stanzas to his own liking. The flow of usual reading is interrupted by the insertion of poems that occasionally rhyme or are isometric and couplet, gaining length and expanding on topics as the book goes on. This structure was somewhat erratic and exhilarating simultaneously.

It is clear that the author has taken a niche obsession and directed his keen sights at convincing the reader to adopt a less technological – dominate lifestyle and recruit members for the “Viglet Movement”. One which will defuse lingering bad vibes that often occur and destabilize our fragile psyches through a creative outlet. Hansen provides an interactive task via a worksheet for readers to create their own Viglets, urging readers to free themselves from computers and liberate the mind in nature through food, philosophy and everyday issues like money.

Viglets: Pithy Wisdom for a Balanced Life is a well-conceived self help book that is amusing at times but no less enlightening. This unique piece of writing is perfect for those who want a better understanding of Viglets. Readers who enjoy a rather upbeat and humorous conjunction between insightful reading and rhythmic worlds will find Viggo P. Hansen’s thought-provoking self help book to be encouraging and captivating.

Pages: 88 | ASIN: B07957714Z

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