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Author Interview
Craig Weidhuner Author Interview

The Kolri and the Koldar follows detective Shinjo as he is transported to a world he didn’t know existed after a Taman Knight from the planet Thalia crosses his path. What were some sources that informed this novels development?

Mostly my own views on religion and spirituality. We’re at a time when more and more people are awakening and learning that they religion doesn’t bring you closer to God but instead keeps you away. And we’re seeing churches/the religious right move further to the extreme, trying to silence anyone who thinks for themselves. This was the main inspiration for the Koldar Warriors, the dark counterparts of the Taman Knights. Like the religious right, they use fear to try and force their beliefs on others. They act out of desperation because their losing the power they once had over the populace. Much like the series as a whole, it’s about those who think for themselves vs those who blindly follow what others tell them to.

What were some things that excited you about exploring Shi-ria’s home planet in this book?

Mainly it was the world building, specifically the history of the Taman Knights. Sometimes I write bios about the locations in my stories, just like the kind you’d find on Wikipedia if you were to look up a real life country/region. I love creating the history of a world. I’ve always loved history, I’ve often read and re-read books on the history of Europe, Russia and so on. To be able to create my own world and give it as much life as any actual location is such a thrill! Maybe someday I’ll write a book about my universe and the worlds within it. Not a fictional story, but more something like “history of [insert planet name here].” As if I were writing a book on the history of Europe for example.

What were some questions you kept asking yourself as you were writing this book?

The main question is really, how much information can or should I give the reader? It’s a balancing act when writing an on going series. On the one hand you don’t want to overload the reader with too much info that they end up getting lost, or I as the writer get distracted and forget where the story is going. But at the same time if you give the audience too little then it becomes harder to follow as the plot doesn’t make much sense.

What can readers expect in book four of your Mystical Force series?

Book four: “Many are 1, 1 is 0” introduces the character of 0 (Zero). An omnipotent godlike being who shows up to cause chaos for his own amusement. He plays a big part in this series, though like any god it may not be obvious until later on. He’s one of those beings who’s subtly moving events along in the series, even when our heroes don’t know it. I’d say more but I don’t want to give too many spoilers away. Needless to say, volume 4 is already out. I’m currently writing volume 5, which introduces Shi-ria’s apprentice, Chiyoko, (I briefly touched on this back in volume 2, near the end of that book when Shi-ria looks into the future). Also I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I’m also working on a new series set in the same universe. It’s called, Liberator: The People’s Guard. Imagine, Captain America with Superman’s powers but set in a modern day Soviet Union. Stay tuned…

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Zolida said that Shi-ria coming to Earth was predestined. Scarlet Knightwalker, on the other hand, has been determined to fight that destiny. Shi-ria, meanwhile, has been trying to figure out why all this happened, ever since she first arrived on Earth. At the same time, Detective Shinjo has been trying to find Shi-ria so she can answer his questions about her unexplained appearance during his sting operation. Little do either of them know that the answers they seek will change their lives forever…

Once Shi-ria finally confronts Knightwalker, she learns the startling truth about how Scarlet Knightwalker has already altered the past in order to prevent a disastrous future. However, their meeting ends up being cut short thanks to Zolida tricking Shinjo into following Shi-ria. As if that didn’t complicate matters enough, Zolida then sends both Shi-ria and Shinjo to Shi-ria’s home planet of Thalia.

Now Shinjo finds himself on an alien world he never knew existed, and it’s up to Shi-ria to bring him back to Earth. Unfortunately, a cult of Koldar warriors, dark counterparts to the Taman Knights, have learned about Zolida’s power to teleport anywhere across the galaxy and want this power to spread their sinister theocracy. Now it’s up to Shi-ria, along with her fellow Taman Knights Rirk and Kurai, to get Shinjo back home while protecting themselves from this dark cult, a cult tied both to Shi-ria’s past and Scarlet Knightwalker’s.

Scarlet Knightwalker now has a difficult choice to make: either save Shi-ria and risk bringing about the very future she wishes to avoid, not to mention risking her powers falling into the hands of the Koldar Warriors, or leave Shi-ria to die and ensure the future she wishes to prevents never occurs. Are the lives of a few worth saving at the risk of millions more dying? Or, since Knightwalker already altered the future, could things still turn out the way they already have? Will things change for the better, or does Knightwalker risk creating a future even worse than the one she originally came from?

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