The Pain We Inflict

M. C. Ronen Author Interview

Liberation follows a teenage girl that has escaped slavery and now is working with a group to liberate others. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

‘Liberation’ is the second book of my trilogy (‘The Liberation Trilogy’). It can be read on its own, however it is best read as part of the series for wider grasp of its context. I wrote the trilogy with deliberate intent to introduce what I would refer to as ‘Ethical Fiction’. As an activist, I am deeply influenced by the current, everyday exploitation and misfortune that we bring upon the weakest tier of society – our fellow earthlings. My books reflect the horror of enslavement and the pain we inflict, in such a casual and almost banal fashion, on so many suffering individuals. So yes, the books are quite relentless in that regard, but at the same time they are not gory. The emotional impact comes from the realisation that Sunny’s world is inspired by our reality.

Sunny is trying to adapt to being a teenager, part of a resistance organization, and life outside Nature’s farm. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I wrote Sunny to be a believable character, with a rich inner world. She is strong but has her weaknesses; resilient yet grappling with self-doubt. She grows up in a brutal world and is thrust upon freedom-fighting at an age so susceptible to inner turmoil and raging hormones. As an adolescent, it takes quite a strength of character to place others ahead of yourself, fight for strangers rather than being self-absorbed. Indeed, Sunny is flowering into a formidable young woman and a leader. In parallel to her demanding life, Sunny also falls in love with a fellow activist. As with everything else, Sunny doesn’t shy away from her emotions, nor her physical desires. I deliberately stayed away from love triangles. This is a solid love affair that nourishes her and empowers her, something I wish on all young women.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The middle book of a trilogy is a bit of a difficult one. It has to continue the ideas and story-line that the first book created, yet develop further and bring something new, exciting and different. It also serves as the launching premises for the final book, the one that ends it all in a crescendo of events and emotions.

In ‘Liberation’ I decided to explore Sunny’s world, both external and inner. I was more direct with the analogy to our own world and who the slaves represent. I explored the ideas of friendship, loyalty and trust, concepts of manipulation and control. Is it true that once an adversary always an adversary? Do the people we idolise deserve to be? Can people truly change? Can we change the world?

What is the third book about and when will it be available?

The Third book of the trilogy is called ‘It Was in Our Hands’ and is out and available now. It brings the saga to a close in a very exciting, fast-paced, thrilling way. Full of mini cliff-hangers, unexpected twists, and loaded with emotional suspense, you will not want to miss it.

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Sunny, an escapee from a farm where she was kept as a dairy slave, is now an activist who fights to liberate other slaves from their hopeless, grim destiny. The dangerous and relentless battle for total liberation provides for many suspenseful encounters, as well as several unexpected discoveries. As romance buds in the activists’ bunker, an old villain returns to Sunny’s life through an unexpected turn of events, with the promise that she had changed. But can she be trusted? **’Liberation’ is a sequel to ‘The Shed’ written by the same new-coming author. Both are books lovingly dedicated to the rapidly and ever-growing generation of ethical warriors, who so far had no voice in fiction.**Dystopian suspense. Suitable for ages 15 and over.

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