Terrifying Iterations Of Reality

Bull Garlington Author Interview

The Platinum-Level Transluminal Vacation Package of Your Dreams follows a time travel salesman as he tries to make one last sale, unfortunately, time travel is tricky and he must make things right before the universe implodes. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

It all started with an image of Heller selling adjacent timeline vacations. I figured such a practice would lead to insanely terrifying iterations of reality and wrote the “Don’t freak out” scene. The book just cut loose after that and practically wrote itself.

Heller is a great character, blunt, determined, and humorous. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

This is a terrible answer, but I don’t know. If this were a movie, Heller would be played by actor Keith David (Nope, Greenleaf, NCIS) I swear the first time I saw him was when he walks up to the “screamer.” He was just there, fully formed and alive and he looks down with a smile and has that blue tip match in his teeth and I could barely type fast enough to get him.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Love. The book is about love. Almost every story is a love story: Heller and Octavia, Mooki and Sidd, Aldus and Mooki—it’s all about love. Of course, I did burn through a lot of time travel tropes, using them exclusively to have fun, like the scene where Thoth goes back to the Pleistocene era and stamps on a butterfly ON PURPOSE. I mean, I loved it.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

There’s a travel memoir, Fat in Paris, that I’m shopping and then another SciFi comedy. I don’t know, maybe 2023?

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Lloyd Heller sells luxury vacations in alternate timelines. If he can close one last sale in the next 24 hours, he gets his own vacation package, the best of them all, a real career topper: the platinum-level vacation package of his dreams.
Too bad the secret science Heller uses to jump timelines is just whacky magic dreamed up by a bored deity. Heller doesn’t know it, but his company, his product-his entire career-is a divine prank. When all the tech explodes in a speed yoga accident, the whole shebang goes into ground-hog mode. The strain on reality threatens to turn Heller and the rest of the known galaxy into a scorched field of low-grade aquarium gravel if somebody doesn’t fix it, pronto.
Actually racing against time, Heller does everything in his power to stop the ground-hogging, reset reality, save the world, score that platinum vacation package, and maybe, against all odds, fall in love 
(Please note: novel includes sentient phones, recursive reality T.V., vacuum-induced full-body fart scenes, Gerry Rafferty songs, transgressive blasphemy, spider dogs, naked old people, and endless cthulian dread.)

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