Nothing Comes After Z

JadeAnne’s visit to Mexico was supposed to be a brief and snappy one; investigate the disappearance of her client’s wife, find her, and spend a month of summer in the city right after. But fate had different plans in store for her. Not only is her client’s wife dead, she’s now caught up in a tussle between the Mexican government and two notorious organized crime rings. Now her summer is taking a massive turn and in the weeks that follow, she’ll experience love, fear, discovery, hatred, anxiety and betrayal.

Nothing Comes After Z is a riveting crime thriller with a strong female protagonist that is fun to follow. JadeAnne is an investigator from California, and even though this is the third book in a series I feel that her personality is well established in this novel so that readers will still feel a connection to her. She was hired to uncover the case of a missing person in Mexico. On her mission, her path crossed with an organized gang and a trafficking ring. I appreciated the grounded nature of the crime and how it relates to some headlines we see in the news today. After being betrayed by her partner on the case, she will go through a torrent of events. Before she can safely leave Mexico and return to her life, she has to uncover some hard truths and catch the perpetrators. Author Ana Manwaring knows how to create a storyline that easily sets up the hard-hitting action.

The author gives readers a vivid explanations of all the action taking place in this book. Scenes were described so well that readers will not be lost when the fighting and action begins. While I appreciated the plethora of detail I sometimes felt that it slowed the book down in certain moments as I felt some scenes were overly detailed. But readers who enjoy a well constructed world that is fully realized will certainly appreciate the picturesque scenes that are created in this book.

Even though this is a thrilling action adventure novel readers can still feel every emotion JadeAnne goes through. Her pain, disgust, horror, anger, love, hopelessness as well as fear. I enjoyed how well the emotion is weaved into this action novel because it ensure we’re invested in the protagonist and we’re biting our nails when the action intensifies.

Nothing Comes After Z pits its compelling female protagonist against some seriously dangerous people in the midst of an exotic location where action seems to be around every corner. Suspense and crime fiction lovers will find this book a must read.

Pages: 358 | ASIN: B09L6R9WLS

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