Evil Isn’t Always So Black And White

H. M. Mills Author Interview

Lord Have Mercy follows a young woman who is sent to boarding school after the disappearance of her parents; there, she discovers the secrets of her past and must choose what side she will follow, good or evil. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

There were a few inspirations for this story. The first being the character Mercy and her physical draw to the sensations of stone. I used my own personal experiences of living with a sensory disorder that causes me to have heightened senses; one of which is a sensitivity to what I touch. Growing up falling in love with stone walls and statues has been quite the experience. One that I have had trouble expressing. How Mercy feels when she touches Talus for the first time is very similar to what I go through.

The second inspiration has been my own struggle with the light and dark side of my personality. It has been a war that has raged a life time and I have never known which side was going to win. Learning to accept both sides has never been that easy. All the characters from Lord Have Mercy and the books to follow have allowed me the freedom to explore hidden parts of myself and just bring together a story that I hope is entertaining to read and resonates with the reader on some level.

Mercy thought she was a normal person till the truth is revealed and she is forced into a war she never knew existed or wanted to be a part of. What were some driving ideas behind your character’s development?

I guess one of the ideas I wanted to get across was that a persons strength comes in many forms. That Mercy doesn’t have to be some kick-arse superhero to be strong, that courage isn’t the absence of fear but acting in spite of it. Like being scared of the notorious bully but standing up for a friend, even though it put a target on her back.

I also wanted to get across that living through trauma in a crazy hostile world and still being able to open her heart to friendships and love is a commendable strength.

The war began with the warring within herself, but it soon progresses with a questioning of Mercy’s religious beliefs as Heaven and Hell and all that comes in between turns everything she’s ever known on it’s head. Being pulled apart by warring forces is something many can relate to and choosing between good and evil isn’t always so black and white.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I guess I’ve already mentioned a few, but another important theme I wanted to explore was how it would feel to write a character that is supposed to be the epitome of evil and find logical and emotional ways to make that character and others more than that, more than what everyone ese see’s.

I guess I also touch on sexuality, but in my eyes it wasn’t a conscious theme, but rather the way individual characters spoke to me.

There are many instances of my own life that get mingled within my work, but I never set out to write that way. I suppose it is cathartic to write characters that live and die how I want them to.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am currently writing the 3rd Book in The Mercy Aymes Series. It will be released some time next year. I’m hoping for early in the year, but I don’t like to make promises. I’m also working on a revamp of Book 2 Mercy on Your Soul. Which will be rereleased soon. Then, it’s on to editing of two stand-alone novels I wrote before Mercy was even conceived.

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Lucifer’s time has come for the outcome of his failed rebellion to be righted. When the Lord of all Demons is seated on Heaven’s throne, he will revel in the sight of God powerless at his feet. All he requires is the one thing he could never claim to possess, until now—Mercy.

Mercy Aymes always thought she was a normal girl living a normal life, until five years on from the mysterious disappearance of her parents that left her world a seething pit of black, she finds herself thrust into the chaos of unfamiliar territory. It’s more than the torments of her past that stalk her through the cold and lonely halls of the Lincoln boarding school.

In a desperate bid for survival, Mercy races for an escape from the wickedness of the school’s notorious bully, and stumbles on the secrets of the Lincoln towers, hidden from the mortal realm for hundreds of years. With the blinders torn from her eyes, Mercy’s world fractures at the sight of true monsters—but the eyes of their King are only for her.

Though captivated by the discovery of an odd array of Gargoyles, Mercy finds more than solace in the silent presence of one she favours above all. But when a powerful connection to the stone figure claims her heart, it’s not long before the mysteries of Mercy’s life unravel.

The discovery of unfavourable blood ties propels Mercy into an age-old war that splits the realms and tears her heart in two. Soon, she must choose which side is to dominate her future, as she faces unfathomable dangers from both forces.

The Archangels want her dead and the Devil wants her to lead. But whose side are the Gargoyles on?

LORD HAVE MERCY is a gripping paranormal, dark fantasy that will transport fantasy fans to a fascinating world, filled with suspense, danger, and paranormal romance. This fantasy is the epitome of the universal conflict between good and evil. This vividly drawn cast of Angels, Demons and Gargoyles embark on a battle for the realms and humanity. A journey of self-discovery, friendship, love, and heartache along with engaging and lovable characters.

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