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Lee Ching Kai Author Interview

The Red Eyes & The Curse is a fascinating collection of supernatural stories for middle-grade readers. What was the inspiration for the setup of your stories?

I got the inspiration from having the enthusiasm to imagine stories which belong to the supernatural genre. I have always wanted to write stories which can intrigue middle-grade readers by letting them feel immersed in the fiction of supernatural world where things are mystical. I like to keep young readers continuously enthralled by the things that cannot be explained by natural causes or the sciences, and also by the suspense at the very end of each chapters that hook them to go on to the next chapter.

The characters in both stories were interesting. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

The characters in the stories are both very young, and yet, they possess the boldness of soaring eagles and the determination of charging bulls. In these stories, the characters start off by being pure and innocent, and it is not until the strange things have happened as the stories flow that the characters begin to challenge their limits. I intend to let the readers savour the radical transition of the development of such characters as the stories unfold, and to let middle-grade readers feel inspired by the courage of such characters.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in these stories?

The plot twists and the captivating ending of every chapters in the stories are the uniqueness of the book. The stories are laid upon the foundation that there are myriads of suspense and mysteries that make the readers want to explore more as the stories unfold. The themes of the story revolve around the supernatural happenings that transpire in every chapter, and they let the readers continuously wonder what is going to happen next. Other things that revolve around the themes are freshness, creativity, and dynamism.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Currently, I am not yet working on the next book, but I have already published 7 books. All these books can be found in my social media such as Facebook, Website, Instagram, and Amazon Author Central Page.

Author Links: Facebook | Website | Instagram | Amazon

Daring. Will and his brothers are brave, very brave. But that is before their pet dog, Chester, comes into their house. Before Will finds the red eyes. Before he starts to explore things he should not have.Things start getting weird, and they seem so strange, and even so unpredictable. Will should not have explored the abandoned house, because he is now encountering something awful. Something hungry. Something eerie.Have Will and his brothers encountered ghosts? Or are they controlled by death? Death might be coming, and everything is just a little too weird, a little too creepy…

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