The Drama Of A Personal Vendetta

S. Kirk Pierzchala Author Interview

Harshest Dawn: Beyond Cascadia: Four follows a husband and wife who are trying to escape a sadistic enemy with a revenge-filled plan to destroy them. What was your inspiration for the wild journey you take readers on in this novel?

Harshest Dawn picks up plot threads that were laid in the second installment of the series, Eclipse Rising. I had readers tell me how much they liked the rapport between Owen and Sofia, plus how menacing they thought Hayden Singer was, so it felt natural to continue those themes. I also liked the idea of having the drama of a personal vendetta enacted against the broader elements of a realistic political scenario. As I got into the nuts and bolts of how this might play out, I really had fun setting up obstacles and narrow escapes for the characters!

Were you able to relate to your characters while writing them?

I always get inside a characters’s head as I’m writing, even the ones on the side. It was challenging emotionally to get inside the antagonist, Singer, but I felt he needed to be depicted as believable as possible. However, I think the character I related to most closely was Sofia, especially when she switched to ‘mama bear’ mode and became more engaged in the action.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun writing?

That’s a really tough question! I certainly enjoyed plotting Enrique’s rescue sequence, but overall, my favorite was the final escape scene, because I really felt I was alongside Owen and Sofia, holding my breath until the last line of that chapter!

Where does the next book in the series take the characters?

While the main plot of Harshest Dawn is resolved by the end of the book, it’s obvious there’s much more political intrigue and personal drama to explore. The setting will deal with the U.S.’s response to China and Russia gaining a foothold in Pacifica, but the main focus will be on Owen’s entanglement with the insurgent movement, and Singer’s lust for more power in the new country. Of course, those two goals are going to end up on a collision course!

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A grim dawn rises in the Pacific Northwest…
The progressive “Successor” party has seized control of the West Coast, further isolating the region from the decayed and feckless United States. Imposing their warped utopian vision on the defenseless citizens, the leaders of the new nation of Pacifica swiftly ramp up persecution of all social and religious opposition.
In a haven far from the chaos, American cyber defender Owen MacIntyre hears disturbing rumors about conditions in his former home, but there’s little he can do to help. Frustrated and powerless, he wonders if it’s time to abandon politics and focus instead on building a peaceful life elsewhere with his wife, Sofia.
But Owen’s ex-supervisor, Pacifica’s Chief Enforcer Hayden Singer, has other ideas. Even a world away, he has MacIntyre dead in his sights and is determined to make him pay for his disloyalty.
Thus politics becomes personal when the fugitive couple is caught in a revenge-fueled scheme that rips their family apart. Desperate and driven, Owen and Sofia will need every skill at their disposal—and some top-secret, risky new technology—to overcome the nightmare of Singer’s sadistic plans.

Although Harshest Dawn builds on the events in Eclipse Rising,the author includes enough backstory that readers new to the series will have no trouble getting up to speed and enjoying this fast-paced tale of high-stakes personal drama, played out against a backdrop of all-too-believable political turmoil.

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