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a reflection of “my knowing”

Author Interview
Afreda Hygh Author Interview

My Story is a poetic journey of your life. Why was this an important book for you to publish?

I believe that my story expresses how life is a process that gives all of the opportunity to become better individuals and it provides way of self-understanding that enables an individual to reflect and pursue their own purpose in life.

My favorite poem from the collection is Amalgamation. Do you have a favorite piece from the book?

I don’t because I think that each poem is a part of my journey to understanding self and to understanding that which I don’t understand. Each poem is a reflection of “my knowing”…

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I would like to think that in some ways it clarifies an individual’s experiences and somehow gives others the opportunities to reflect on life’s possibilities if we continue to strive towards a more spiritual humanity…

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I “hope” to write another work that develops ideas about contemporary spirituality and womanhood.

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This is a poetic journey that relates to my life.

My Story

Prophet Afreda Hygh takes the reader on a picturesque and thought-provoking journey through her life. The reader gets to see her life as she experienced it. My Story is a collection of poems meant to depict the Prophet’s life as well as all sorts of occurrences that seem like sideshows at first glance but prove their significance over time. The author has created an unusual biography, but welcome and well enjoyed.

All the poems are time stamped. It is sort of a trivial detail to dwell on but it makes the reader feel like they were present at the time the poem was being written. It makes the literary experience that much more enjoyable and memorable. This detail while small and seemingly inconsequential will actually be important and notable to many readers.

The author has also written small paragraphs. They are poems so it is expected. However, the paragraphs read like anecdotes you want to fold and put in your wallet for future enjoyment. One example is a paragraph that says- Your own possibilities, you possess, within your mind. A kaleidoscope of the impossible– Such paragraphs make the reader want to read and reread this book. It is uplifting and inspiring. It is like a conversation with your own bespoke life coach.

As is expected of a poetic trip through someone’s life, the writing is smooth and has a melodious and rhythmic feel to it. But there are a few typographical errors with a few missing letters like ‘you’ instead of ‘your’ among others. However, these little errors while necessitating a cleanup do not take away from the experience of this book. Prophet Afreda has really done a good job writing beautiful poems. The messages contained within are heartfelt and important.

My Story is enjoyable and wonderfully crafted. Even after reading a few times, it still feels fresh and rejuvenating. This book would make a wonderful gift for anyone old enough to both enjoy the artistry and discern the message. The simplicity of the language as well as the gentle tone make it palatable to most.

Pages: 212 | ISBN-10: 1724284541

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