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Passion and Fear are Close Bedfellows

Andrew Allen Smith Author Interview

Another Slice of Fear is a collection of short stories that explore fear in different ways. What inspired the theme behind this collection?

This is the second collection of horror short stories. The first was “A Slice of Fear”. The central theme of fear is complex since people do not share the same fears, nor can they be inspired by the same approach. Instead each of the stories tends to play on another approach inside of how people find fear. From fear of the unknow, fear of being powerless, to fear of other people they try to find at least 1 commonality that can see inside a persons mind.

What were some driving ideals behind your character’s in these stories?

It is funny. I also write daily about passion and the positives in life. Passion and fear are close bedfellows and I would suggest that fear is a type of passion, a near uncontrollable emotion. With that in mind things like revenge, survival, and greed are strong motivators to the characters inside the book. For the story “Monster” there is a sense of purpose that was missing that came out. Originally I planned 16 stories but in the first book “A Slice of Fear” I received many letters on “The Edge” a story that was written for my daughter who has a form of MD. When she found a sword in a second hand shop she was restored and it pushed me to add one more story to this anthology, the follow up “Edges”.

My favorite story from this collection is ‘Stung’. Do you have a story that stands out to you from this collection?

I like Stung as it explores a different type of greed and there is a substory about a crime free city. I suppose if your pet giant scorpion eats all the bad guys it becomes a good city. Monster has surprised me. It was originally a 600 word flash fiction that called to me and I expanded it. I have gotten several wonderful reviews on it and it made my editor cry. It pulls at a great many emotions. Those two stand out but each of the stories has a special place with me.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am currently working on “Curious Cousin”, books 6 in my action adventure series “The Masterson Files”; “Stealth Drive”, a story about a man who find a way to let go of the material; “Morgan”, book 2 in “The Eternal Forever” series; “Burial Ground”, a YA thriller; and “Yet Another Slice of Fear”, my third set of 15 stories of suspense and terror. I have to decide with the last if it will be 16 again or even 17 as some have suggested “Monster” and “Stung” deserve a follow up. It will be fun non matter what!

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Fear is at the core of who we are. Join Andrew Allen Smith as he once again writes his way inside your mind to seek those innermost thoughts that you try to hide.

A man finds the secret to immortality, or does he? A selfish woman gets eternal servitude, for a price. A monster awakens and has to decide who is the monster? A family fortune is saved by unlikely allies. A scene unfolds from three different perspectives and creates a problem for Kate with exciting results. A man wins a special vacation for the newly almost divorced.

All this plus a new installment of the story from A Slice of Fear “The Edge”.

Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit hole can go? Another Slice of Fear contains 16 original short stories from the mind of Andrew Allen Smith that may help you get there!

Another Slice of Fear

Another Slice of Fear by Andrew Allen Smith is a collection of compelling and thrilling short stories that share a common theme, fear. The author provides 14 chilling short stories that will shock you but also leave you wanting more. Each short story has a different character and a different plot which is a refreshing approach.

Author Andrew Smith has creatively written short stories that immediately immerse the reader into the story and end abruptly. However, even though the stories end abruptly, the reader is left satisfied because the short stories get straight to the point and deliver fear. The author provides just enough information about the characters to understand their motives, and he successfully gets the reader to worry for the characters in the stories.

I appreciated the level of detail put into such short chapters. I was able to clearly imagine each scene. I would have to commend the author for his torture and terror scenes, as they are perfectly portrayed throughout the book. Although a brief read, most of the characters were well written and original. I found it interesting that each character felt fear but in a different way, whether it’d be from torture to mind games, torture by insects, and much more.

Another Slice of Fear by Andrew Allen Smith is a unique read that is not for the faint of heart. I highly recommend this novel to readers who love a good horror novel especially many short horror stories. However, this book isn’t for everyone as it is filled with mature themes and graphic descriptions that might trigger readers.

Pages: 126 | ASIN : B09ZDRY3HV

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