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Betty Cries: A Jake St. Johns Novel

In James A. Leyshon’s Betty Cries, we are introduced to psychic Jake St. Johns. Though he sees ghosts every day, one in particular has managed to elude him for years. After years of just hearing her cries and not being able to see her, Betty finally shows herself to Jake. Relieved to have found his ghost, Jake goes on a hunt for a killer that could cost him his life.

Author James Leyshon’s captivating storyline makes this a thriller readers will not be able to put down. Jake’s story builds gradually, giving readers the opportunity to better understand his true character. The suspense also builds slowly, and readers are given tidbits of information that keep the reader guessing. The paranormal entities that exist in Jake’s world are fascinating, and he encounters most of them as casually as he would his mail carrier.

Jake St. Johns is a compelling character. He has a particularly apathetic attitude towards life that makes for especially entertaining dialogue. Once Betty appears to him, his attitude changes, and he discovers his purpose.

Leyshon’s style of writing makes the novel quite cinematic, and this aspect is perfectly displayed in the opening paragraph. Here, the author describes a beam of sunlight shining through a pinhole and onto our protagonist’s knee. It’s a powerful way to introduce the character and his location when the story starts without feeding information to the reader.

In Betty Cries, James Leyshon delivers an engrossing and entertaining story I highly recommend to readers who enjoy chilling paranormal suspense novels.

Pages: 293 | ASIN: ‎ B07FTSZ9SR

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