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Vega Investigative Thriller Series

Author Interview
John Hazen Author Interview

Beyond Revelation follows a TV reporter who races against time to save her friend and stop a sinister cult. What were some sources that informed this novel’s development?

Remember, Beyond Revelation is a book about a reporter, and a good reporter never reveals his or her sources.

A lot of research for this book came from news accounts I’ve read and heard over the years. Jonestown and the Branch Davidians are examples of cults that were big in the news during my life, so I had a knowledge of them as I wrote the book. I also made it easy on myself by making the two primary settings in the book places that I’ve lived during my life. Fairbrook, MA, is based on the small town where I grew up and the New York City metropolitan area is where I’d spent most of my life. I always try to do some reading on places I write about that I’ve never visited to get them as real as I can. In this book that would be Montana and Havana, Cuba.

What were some ideas that were important for you to personify in your characters?

My focus in this book and in the two books that preceded it in the Vega Investigative Thriller Series (Fava and Zyklon) must of course be the protagonist, Francine Vega. She’s a street-smart, New York City TV journalist. I try to portray her as having the qualities I want all journalists to have. I want her to be intelligent, persistent, questioning, and honest. Both she and her husband, FBI Special Agent Will Allen, are the epitome of integrity. I wanted them both to be the best examples they can be for their three kids.

It can be a bit tricky when you’re writing a series. After the first book, the author must present enough background on characters to inform people who haven’t read the previous editions but not too much background that you turn off or bore those who have read them. I think I’ve done that thus far in this series.

How do you balance story development with shocking plot twists? Or can they be the same thing?

I don’t believe any balance is required. They can, and should be, the same thing. In fact, I think that plot twists—shocking or otherwise—need to compliment and advance story development. They must be part of the whole. Otherwise, the plot twists look like they’re superfluous or simply inserted for shock value.

In discussing the difference between “surprise” and “suspense”, Alfred Hitchcock, used the example of a bomb taped under a table where two people are sitting. You could have the audience not know the bomb is there and then get fifteen seconds of surprised adrenaline rush when it suddenly explodes. Hitchcock would rather let the viewer know that the bomb was there ahead of time and be on the edge of their seats, not knowing if the bomb would go off or not. In this way, the audience experiences fifteen minutes, rather than fifteen seconds, of surprise. I agree with this approach. There are times and places for the unexpected, the surprise, of plot twists, but overall, I prefer the approach of building suspense over the course of a chapter or even over the arc of the entire book.

What can readers expect in book four of the Vega Thriller series?

Thus far in the Vega Investigative Thriller series we’ve had Francine expose and thwart plots that would have plunged the world into war (Fava), undermined a presidential election (Zyklon) and plunged the country into a race war (Beyond Revelation). All this has taken a toll on her. The events of Beyond Revelation were especially hard on her mentally and emotionally. In the next book, she’s going to still be the intrepid journalist who’s going to uncover stories—this time I think in the environmental field—but I will need to focus a little sharper on her personal situation and the burdens she is bearing.

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Is Beyond Revelation a reclusive religious order preparing its flock for the Second Coming, or is it a cult with much more sinister intentions?
When New York City TV reporter Francine Vega travels from ‘the City’ to a small New England town to hunt for a friend who has gone missing, she finds that the disappearance may be tied to Beyond Revelation and a Russian-funded nationwide conspiracy. To find the truth, Vega works with the Press, the FBI, religious leaders, civil rights leaders and even the President as she races against the clock to rescue her friend and avert a national calamity.

Beyond Revelation

Beyond Revelation (Vega Thriller Book 3) by [John Hazen]

Beyond Revelation by John Hazen follows journalist Francine Vega’s thrilling misadventures and affairs with the FBI. The life of a New York investigative journalist gets shaken up by a sudden disappearance and the consequent doubt that a cult might be behind it. Following the reporter’s investigations, the book takes us through Francine’s, or “Fava”, private life and introduces us to the mysterious world of secret cults and organizations in the United States, along with journalism and into the FBI’s alluring world.

Hazen writes beautifully and manages to give each character its own personality and uniqueness, making the plot intriguing and engaging for any reader who’s got an eye for the thriller genre. His writing style, along with the complex plot, gives the book a fascinating aura and won’t bore even the youngest and easily bored reader.

As a reader keen on details, I appreciated Hazen’s effort in describing action scenes. Sometimes writers can get lost while describing them and the result is a chaotic scene, which doesn’t allow the reader to understand its sense, but Hazen doesn’t do that. Instead, he describes them accurately and allows the reader to understand what is happening.

Furthermore, this novel doesn’t lack in action-scenes and suspenseful moments. It will keep the reader on edge throughout the story with a nice balance of heart-warming scenes as well. All of this is served well by the emotive and authentic characters, making it easy to feel empathy for the characters, even when some scenes are incredible.

With its action-filled scenes, deep intrigue, and wild plot twists, Beyond Revelation is a political thriller that is unpredictable and hard to put down. For readers who enjoy the suspense of the Jason Bourne series mixed with the compelling conspiracy of The Da Vinci Code, you’ll surely enjoy this stirring crime novel.

Pages: 257 | ASIN: B08KTQ5LSS

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