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Bobby Miller
Bobby Miller Author Interview

Alacran The Honey Badger is a riveting fantasy story with a unique setup. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

It is basely a summery of my grandfather, father and my life. We were and still are a military family. Grandson is a pilot in the Marine Corps.

What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Real life. The war in Vietnam, then the war within after returning home, then being made an offer I couldn’t refuse by my dear Uncle Sam.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The false paintings of the world by the Church and Politicians. I watch the herd from a ridge line wondering if they do not care that there is a slaughter house at the end of the trail they seem hell bent to stay on?

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

There are three. The Ineffable Kiss – King Solomon & It’s Not Fun Being Serious. Have a couple of assistant writer come onboard and hope to have these titles on KDP by Dec. FYI, Sir. I limit the nasty words and reject all vulgar words. There are never any car chases or indestructible heroes. I do so thank you for this fine service.

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They tell me that most introductions are written by someone other than the author. Why? Do you really care what one of my relatives or friends or a paid third party has to say about this little book?

All I can promise is some interesting people and places—however, you’d not want these people living next door, nor would you want to live in most of these places.

I’ve never smoked or drunk booze, but maybe I should have. It’s for certain; I shouldn’t have made a veil threat against a U.S, sitting president. The U.S. Secret Service had me locked up in the mental ward at the VA facility in Menlo Park, California. They kept me for a little over a year. One of the other nuts locked up with me said that a guy gets a private room if he hits someone. So, with my luck holding steady, the next guy to show up was a guy in one of those white coats. I knocked him on his ass.

The nut was right. I got a private room. It was called the Quiet Room.

I didn’t care for it.

I started out in the Air Force. I didn’t care for it, either. Thought I’d give the Army a try. It was more to my liking; you could actually reach out and touch the asshole you’d just killed.

My favorite dead people are Thomas Paine, T.L. Lawrence, Carl Sagan, and Nancy Kilar. Thinking about it, I guess I’m kind of like God. A person has to die to make my list.

Alacran The Honey Badger

Alacran The Honey Badger by [Bobby Miller]

Alacrán, The Honey Badger is an intriguing historical thriller. The reader gets caught up in a web of interesting events that involve complex and mystifying characters over several generations. There are a dozen puzzles to solve in the story. The author is creative and incorporates some elements that are rarely used in fantasy fiction. The authors imagination is out of this world. He can create an enthralling story from the simplest events. Some parts of the story appear obscure at first but the reader gets to understand why the author takes that approach as the storyline progresses.

Alacrán, The Honey Badger has a unique structure and unique writing style as well, especially when introducing a new plot or new characters. The author is artistic and uses his skills to capture the reader’s attention with the characters. Alacrán, The Honey Badger may appear eccentric at first but one soon catches up with the story.  This book is for readers that enjoy following multiple stories at once. I like that the author surprises the reader with new and more robust characters that appear to overcome the impact older characters had. This is a curious piece of literature that requires your full concentration to enjoy.

In the book, we follow the lives of different men and women whose stories are distinctive but intertwined in one way or the other. Alacrán, The Honey Badger is divided into two parts; the first part of the book follows the story of a writer and an assassin. The assassin, who the reader is introduced to as Resident 27 is a fascinating character. The interview Resident 27 had with the writer reveals a lot about people that have a job like his. The assassin’s way of answering questions, his sarcasm, and humor are some of the things that make him compelling. One can also detect prudence in his thoughts. As he expresses himself Resident 27 talks about the complexities of life and why some people appear to be ahead of others. I enjoyed his conversations and even had a few favorite quotes from him.

The second half of the book gets to be even more attention-grabbing as the author introduces new characters and an additional storyline. I like how throughout the book one moves from different years. When following the storyline, the reader gets to jump to the 1800s, 1940s, 1960s and so on. The shift in years was a bit confusing but if you are able to catch on then it certainly adds to the air of intrigue. Through Bobby’s work of fiction, one is able to question the status quo and the current situation in the world we live in. This book has a political side that readers that enjoy following current affairs and global news will love. There are other crucial themes the author touched on, themes like family, friendship, love and betrayals. The language in the book is strong but fascinating, so I would recommend this book to adult readers looking for a different kind of literature.

Pages: 272 | ASIN: B098K5H61X

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