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The Freeze 

In the year 2064, humanity is reeling from the devastating effects of a deadly virus that has ravaged the global population. Despite valiant efforts by scientists to develop vaccines, the virus continues to take its toll, and the government is forced to take drastic action. With nearly a third of London’s citizens dead, the government divides the city into four zones and asserts that a naturally occurring temporal anomaly causes certain areas to freeze at specific intervals.

In this world of chaos and uncertainty, James is a young man trying to make sense of the new reality. His life changes when he meets Sasha, a passionate advocate for an organization called “The Thaw,” which seeks to free citizens and allow them to leave the confines of the city walls. Convinced that the government is behind the temporal freezes, James joins Sasha and the organization in their mission to overthrow the system. But can a group of teenagers really take on the might of the government and emerge victorious?

R. D. Steven’s fast-paced writing style immediately drew me into the story. Unlike many young adult dystopian novels that focus on the scenery, the author skillfully delves into James’ traumatized mind, creating a unique and emotionally engaging experience. The description of James’ feelings is relatable and realistic, making his character all the more compelling. As the story progresses, the latter half of the book focuses on James’ mental growth as he transforms from a broken and worn-down character to a stronger, more resilient person. Witnessing this transformation was deeply satisfying, and it gave me hope for the future of the world in the story. The novel’s conclusion is hopeful, leaving the reader with a sense of closure and the belief that change is possible. This book is a great read, with a storyline that feels eerily possible in our current global situation. It made me reflect on the lengths to which governments might go to contain a pandemic and the importance of individual agency in shaping the future.

The Freeze is an excellent young adult dystopian novel that expertly blends action, suspense, and emotional depth. The story’s plausibility and relevance to contemporary issues regarding disease control and government intervention serve as a warning about the potential consequences of government overreach. In short, this is a fantastic novel that will leave readers thoroughly entranced.

Pages: 347 | ASIN : B0BSH74BJY

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The Jediran Quest 

Pre-teen Braven of Delta Colony looks forward to the class field trip on the planet of Jedira. Alongside his mother, chief botanist of the colony, Braven plans to explore and catalog the flora of the mysterious Towers, one of the few places on Jedira where plant life truly flourishes. But when an unexpected problem prevents Braven’s mother from accompanying him, the field trip begins to go sideways. Arriving at the Towers, Braven and his classmates are soon thrown into an epic quest, as the serenity of Jedira is shattered by an unimaginable threat. Together, Braven and his fellow companions must work together to overcome the odds if they have any hope of survival.

The Jedira Quest by Cal Davis is an exceptional tale of teamwork in the face of danger. Thrown into deadly survival situations with no guidance and few supplies, Braven and his cohorts must use every ounce of wisdom they possess in order to overcome the challenges they face. A story of travel and ingenuity, friendship and endurance, this incredible science fiction narrative contains echoes of prehistory as the preteens’ journey on Jedira continues.

This highly engaging story has perfect pacing, with the preteens facing regular challenges without the narrative becoming cluttered. The characters are each unique and lend their own abilities to the team. Stalwart Braven, wise Jauris, shy Whisper, brave Khara, steady Zhan, and roguish twins Dirk and Kirk all have a part to play as the quest develops. There are moments of laughter and serious intensity as the story weaves together, leading this remarkable quest to a satisfying conclusion.

This captivating story is a well-crafted tale that shines brightly like the two moons of Jedira. With its action-packed narrative, exceptional depth, and plot that resonates with themes of friendship and survival, The Jedira Quest is a must-read for science fiction fans. It is suitable for middle-grade readers and above who enjoy a thrilling and exciting adventure. Author Davis provides readers with excellent storytelling, perfect pacing, and compelling characters.

Pages: 168 | ASIN : B0B3V7PDZ6

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The Visitors

The Visitors by Andrew Cahill-Lloyd is the charming story of two aliens from the planet Aeon, Bjorn, and Zorn, who are tasked to observe Earth. The pair watches as the religious wars on the planet lead it to destroy itself. They are soon charged with the task of going back in time to try to save Earth from itself by revealing proof of alien existence to humans to prove there are bigger things out there. Teaming up with animals from around the world, they set their plan in motion to save man. Will their endeavors be fruitful in enlightening mankind, or have they caused bigger problems?

This was a sweet read that was out of this world. It was fun seeing the misadventures these aliens and animals get themselves into, and I feel kids would enjoy its wacky cast of characters. I love a good romp through time and space, and this filled that niche perfectly. This piece had good heartwarming messages I think a lot of people need to hear in this day and age. The humor in this book balanced out the heavier topics and made this an enjoyable rescue mission that didn’t take itself too seriously. I mean, who doesn’t love a well-placed fart joke when you’re trying to save the world.

I did feel the flow of the book needed some work. I felt it was too fast-paced, and you really didn’t have time to marinate on each revelation before you raced off to the next one. I wished the descriptions had been fleshed out a little bit more in some areas; I couldn’t get a good image in my head at times. The character’s personalities, however, shone through and kept me smiling and laughing.

The Visitors is a gripping children’s science fiction novel filled with aliens and animals. I highly recommend this book if you love a good adventure through time and space. Its fun characters, heartwarming messages, and humor make this an entertaining story.

Pages: 206 | ISBN : 1398490334

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