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Dead Squirrels Everywhere

Not all children are inspired by princesses and puppies. Sometimes children (or even adults) like unusual, strange, and even morbid at times topics. Considering this, children’s author Gabrielle Ferrara has written a unique counting picture book that will appeal to children who like things that are a bit different.

Dead Squirrels Everywhere starts off with, “One dead squirrel was poked with a stick.” The illustrations done by Natalia Nova are beautiful and even whimsical despite the topic being dead animals. The squirrels are never shown in a gorry or scary way; most look like they are sleeping, or in the case of the squirrels shocked by a wire, in funny images that will leave you laughing. The story flows well and is a joy to read out loud. The lyrical and rhyming lines will have kids laughing and following along, wondering what disasters will strike the poor squirrels next.

Learning to count to ten has never been so shocking and entertaining. This picture book also highlights many of the dangers that impact wildlife and can open up discussions with children leading to lessons in science as well. I could see this as a beautiful book for classes around Halloween with its slightly spooky but not scary images.

Dead Squirrels Everywhere is a highly original and unforgettable children’s book focused on counting to ten. This is the perfect addition to a classroom or home library for children that like things a bit dark and out of the ordinary. Preschoolers through early elementary students will be captivated by this unconventional tale. This is sure to become a favorite story for many children.

Pages: 28 | ASIN : B0B24DCWSF

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Pebbles and the Biggest Number

A curious butterfly loves to count; his name is Pebbles. One day he grew tired of counting the same flowers in his yard and decided to fly off on an adventure to find bigger numbers to count. On Pebble’s journey, he visits the desert, a tropical rainforest, the beach, and a snowy mountain. He even gets to visit an observatory and see into the sky. At each stop on his adventure, he learns a bigger number than before and some exciting new facts about the new places he visits.

Pebbles and the Biggest Number, written by Joey Benun and illustrated by Laura Watson, is a fantastic picture book that packs a lot of information into a few pages. This children’s book could easily be used to teach multiple STEM units with all the science and math facts that are included on each page. In addition, each page has full-color illustrations with exquisite details, making it a delight to look through the artwork alone. I love how the book is laid out, with the story written on the pages in its own area, and then things like “Number Note” and “Did You Know?” In addition, “Science Spot” and “”Fun Facts” are included in a separate illustrative element so as not to be confused with part of Pebbles’ story.

Children, teachers, and families will love reading Pebbles and the Biggest Number together. This children’s book will provide many opportunities for learning and discussions about numbers, animals, and environments. This is a must-have for home and classroom libraries.

Pages: 48 | ASIN : B0BT3WNPV4

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