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Coyote by Ashley Brandt explores the centuries-old Navajo legend of Ma’ii. Raven Thatcher is an 18-year-old shapeshifter coyote in Maine who assumes a new position as the pack’s warrior. During her first night of duty, she is attacked by her feral boyfriend, Jonathan, and unexpectedly reduced by a stranger, with whom she immediately becomes infatuated.

Raven finds herself faced with the choice of either becoming the pack’s warrior or living as a passive housewife. She must make difficult choices, which leads to leading her pack toward justice while becoming entangled in a web of murder, intrigue, revenge, and deception. The author does an exceptional job of weaving suspense and mystery into a story that centers around elements of the Ma’ii and the power of perseverance. Raven becomes the only female graduate of the beta pack while learning to embrace a new phase of life.

I found the story riveting, including Raven’s journey and personal development. The book is a definite page-turner and captures the reader’s attention with vivid description and character development. Brandt expertly brings subtle elements of eroticism and fantasy fiction that are ideal for fans of adult fiction and fantasy themes. The story is set in the 2000s in Maine, with solid visual descriptions of villagers and communities. Raven must challenge her potential as a typical housewife and embrace a liberating path in leadership.

Coyote by Ashley Brandt is a fantastic story about a strong-willed woman and a fierce warrior. It’s a fast-paced, light read that’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a thrilling dark fantasy novel with a strong female protagonist.

ASIN B0BK9T7T21 | Pages: 183

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This story begins with Jim going on his hike through the canyons. He’s excited about this trip and wants to make the most of it. As he was settling to sleep, a howling sound could be heard around him, coyotes. He examines where the noise comes from and discovers the strangest ancient ritual, the coyotes stood around a fire, their howls sounding tuneful. This wasn’t a ritual meant for human eyes; Jim begins to back away and run to his car. He can feel the coyotes all around until he meets the coyote, who wears a blazer, and a hat and smokes a pipe. Jim escapes, but not entirely – he is plagued by this coyote every single day. He feels unsafe and on edge no matter where he is.

Coyote by Charles Combee is a fascinating story about a coyote dressed smartly in a red blazer and black hat, which is powerful and not of this earth. This story depicts a coyote who has an unusual but deadly power. Jim escapes narrowly, but the same could not be said for Audrey and her family. Audrey and her family were just as unaware of what was ahead for them as Jim. The coyote tears this family apart, as well as causes the strange phenomenon of certain areas of land becoming ‘dead’ and generating a feeling of knives if you enter. Audrey attempts to escape but is caught and trapped alone in the darkness until Jim frees her. However, when Audrey is free, they discover she is still linked to the powerful coyote, and they must break the link for Audrey to get her life back.

This book is excellently written with interesting and unique characters. The world-building and the scenery are described so well that the reader can clearly imagine the surroundings and feel like they are there with the characters. Charles Combee successfully creates suspense throughout the story, and the reader can feel the uneasiness of the characters. This book is dramatic, exciting, and has a unique storyline, which is thought out and completed perfectly. I’d thoroughly recommend this book to anybody who loves suspenseful stories. Readers will be fully emersed in the world created in Coyote.

Pages: 178 | ASIN : B0BM52CT25

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