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I Wanted Them To Be Big And Scary

Matt Galanos Author Interview

Dane Thorburn and Nature’s Revenge follows a courageous hero who needs to find out why Dragons are invading their land and why they are after the Princess. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

[Matt Galanos]: It was based on a question I asked myself as a result of the ending of the previous book. In Dane Thorburn and the City of Lost Souls, Dane manages to rescue the Princess from an ancient, long-lost wizard prison that no one has ever escaped from in the history of the land (readers will know all the details, so I won’t say any more about it). The question I asked myself was, what would happen if the actual Ruling Elements of Nature themselves (Air, Earth, Fire and Water) – the underlying source of every living thing in the land, did not realise the Princess was innocent and should never have been imprisoned in the City of Lost Souls, and sent their own creatures after her after she was rescued.

The creatures in this book were very intriguing. How did you go about creating them for this book?

[Matt Galanos] I needed to have one creature from each of the Ruling Elements, and I wanted them to be big and scary. A dragon is terrifying enough and a creature everyone knows about, but with the others, I wanted them to have their own special characteristics that would make them unique to this story and difficult to kill. So, after giving it some thought, I created each one:

A dragon – from the Fire Element, with all the fire-breathing and terror that dragons are known for.

A giant kestrel – from the Air Element, much larger than an eagle or any other bird seen in the land before, so large ‘it blotted out the sun.’

A serpent – from the Earth Element, one that was able to blend with its surroundings and where its mouth could spring from its body like a harpoon firing and latch on to its prey.

A sarkoe – from the Water Element. This was my favourite of them all. A ‘sarkoe’ is actually a name taken from an ancient breed of crocodile. To make this one unique and more terrifying, I added the shape-shifting ability and the ability to be equally adept on land as it is in water.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun writing?

[Matt Galanos] I liked all the scenes with the sarkoe – it was such a gruesome and fearsome beast, and if I had to pick a favourite, it was the scene where Dane, Will, Lord Frederick and the rest of the Brindabeare Knights have to fight it.

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

[Matt Galanos] I’m working on the next instalment in the Dane Thorburn series, and it should be available in the first half of 2023.

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Dane Thorburn has rescued Princess Vanessa from the City of Lost Souls, but all is not well.
Four mysterious and mythical creatures are weaving trails of destruction and mayhem across the land,
and it seems there is little anyone can do to stop them.

Dane Thorburn and Nature’s Revenge

After saving Princess Vanessa from the City of Lost Souls, Dane Thorburn has to deal with another problem, because, of course, there’s no opportunity for heroes to rest—dragons. A significant threat follows our character throughout their journey, and it’s enough to keep your eyes glued to the page.

Dane Thorburn and Nature’s Revenge by Matt Galanos is a fantastical and adventurous story that deals with mystery and mythical beings and is a story that challenges the norms of certain archetypes, such as the hero and the Princess. Accompanied by Lord Frederick, Will, and other memorable characters, Dane needs to figure out precisely what these mythical beasts are doing, how they came to be, and what they want with the Princess.

Within this exciting story, there. It isn’t a moment where adventure isn’t happening. Every chapter is full of questions and excitement, and by the end of every chapter, events are happening in ways that will make you want to read the next chapter and then the next—it’s a book I didn’t want to put down. Though there are grammatical errors here and there, it’s nothing too bad to the point where you can’t understand what is trying to be said.

A large cast was introduced, all by name, in the first few chapters. Each was diverse in personality and appearance, and the author did a great job of keeping everyone distinctive. Every character mentioned, whether they stay throughout the entire book or are only there for a moment, has a striking personality that sets them apart from one another. It’s extremely impressive, and it takes a great author to distinguish so many distinct personalities.

Dane Thorburn and Nature’s Revenge is a captivating young adult and teen fantasy novel. Though some moments can be confusing, the exploration, adventure, and memorable characters do an even greater job of making such a fantastic book come to life. If you’re looking for a fantasy adventure, I definitely recommend this book.

Pages: 314 | ASIN : B0B8K22HS4

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