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A Challenge In Itself

Tamel Wino
Tamel Wino Author Interview

Ékleipsis: the Abyss is the second collection of short stories that explore humanity’s degeneration. What were some ideas you wanted to explore in this collection that is different from the first collection of stories?

I wanted my stories to be less predictable than those in the previous book. But in the attempt to be relatable and believable (human dark tendencies & desires), it proved to be a challenge in itself.

What has been the most surprising reader reaction you’ve received so far?

One of my readers is an aspiring writer of the same genre and they told me that my stories are not only entertaining but also inspiring. That meant a lot.

What is your creative process like in bringing these stories to life?

Most of my stories are character-driven. So, usually early in the developmental stages of a story, I create my protagonist(s). With the aid of research, interviews and other methods, I would try my best to put myself in their shoes, predicting how they would react, talk, think, etc.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m currently working on my third collection in the same vein as the first two. Projected publication date is late 2022.

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The seed of evil has been planted …

What will happen when its roots take hold?

Ékleipsis: The Abyss is the second short story collection by the award-winning author.

Tales of depravation and insanity are woven together with unrelenting style and depth, scrutinizing human nature’s degeneration when compromised by tragic, vicious circumstances.

These complex, wretched individuals and the irremediable conditions they are desperate to claw out of—or into—invoke the unfathomable question: What devastation are we truly capable of when left with no way out but down . . . into the obscurity of the abyss?

Ékleipsis: the Abyss

Ékleipsis: the Abyss by [Tamel Wino]

Ekleipsis: the Abyss by Tamel Wino is a collection of dark psychological thriller stories that keep you on the edge of your seat. The book has five stories and some situations you might even be able to relate to. The book explores those desires that you have that can take a turn for the worse, and it can happen to anyone, your neighbor, your friend, or your social media follower. Tamel really captured that essence of society and the dark side of people.

Ekleipsis: a word that means abandonment. Abandoning your humanity and taking that plunge into the dark void. Each of Tamel’s story is colored by this idea. A billionaire who has too many skeletons in the past, or a jealous woman who lost everything she had. Each character or villain in the stories are well thought out and relatable in some sense. What I realized was that each story had a different focus and an element that makes it stand out from the others but as a whole gives a vivid and dark reflection of humanity.

While I enjoyed these stories and the gritty exploration of humanity that they provide I sometimes felt like some stories were rushed. These are short stories so I completely understand the need to move things along, and these stories certainly do move quickly, but I would have loved more of a buildup (or maybe I’m just so enthralled with these stories that I want there to be more). As soon as we are introduced to the intriguing characters, the fascinating plot is unfurled and then the story is over. Such is the nature of short stories I suppose. I would honestly read all the stories if they were separate novels! The plot of each story is that strong, and I want to know more about each person and their thoughts, and just sit inside the characters mind for a while.

I look forward to reading more of these dark thrillers from Tamel Wino and readers will appreciate the dark undertones of this horror anthology. Ekleipsis will surprise you more that you can imagine.

Pages: 235 | ASIN: B09CN7H667

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