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Ellibot and Aunt Maple

Ellibot and Aunt Maple by [Sharon CassanoLochman, Lucy Belle]

Ellibot and Aunt Maple follows a young boy who is supposed to spend the day with his aunt, but dreads the inevitable boredom of it. He hatches a plan to construct a makeshift robot that will take his place with his aunt so that he can go play in his room. But he realizes that the fun he seeks cannot be found alone in his room.

This is a charming and imaginative children’s book that speaks to the boredom some kids feel when spending time with their aunts and uncles. But it also shows that, while it can be boring sometimes, our aunts and uncles also take care of us and can be fun as well. The art in this book has a wonderful sketch art style that keeps the focus on the action with vivid colors. Ellibot is a hilariously constructed ‘robot’ that takes on its own personality throughout the story. I loved that the story also shows the aunt being sad, as this provides an opportunity to learn that adults have emotions too, and that we need to be mindful of that.

Ellibot and Aunt Maple is a delightful picture book that teaches a valuable life lesson in a short but amusing story. Children will love seeing Ellibot in different situations throughout the story and will be able to relate to Elliot as well.

Pages: 16 | ASIN: B08CY73D5Q

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