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Eternal Love

Eternal Love by [,Nived]

Eternal Love follows the life of Devin, a college student who is about to turn 25. She is plagued by dreams that are a bit too realistic. Throughout the book, we see her struggle with the meaning of her dreams, bringing forth concepts of reincarnation and the longevity of love. However, things really begin to shift when Amirah, a newcomer at Devin’s college comes into the picture, making her feel like they have met before. She dramatically changes Devin’s dynamic with both friends and family members. Ultimately, we discover the true nature of their relationship and what it means for Devin’s identity.

While this story begins very mysteriously, things become clearer and clearer as you read. Devin is portrayed as an independent straight shooter while Amirah is portrayed as thoughtful yet thoroughly confused.

The intriguing concept behind this book is quite solid. Clearly, the author did a lot of research into the different ways people practice spirituality. As such, the premise is believable and in some cases even relatable. The sex scenes are also detailed, pulling you in entirely. It is therefore difficult to put this book down once you start reading it. While it does help that the narrative is told from Devin’s experience, the author’s writing style can come off as a string of unrelated sentences. Possibly, the use of connectors and more descriptive language could bring more life to the prose. We get a lot of great descriptions of Amirah but I think more could be done to describe Devin’s physical and personality characteristics.

Otherwise, this is still an intriguing science fiction story with a riveting plot. Even the complex concepts are broken down to make them easier to understand. It also helps that there are a couple of plot twists along the way to shake things up a bit. If you are into love stories that are interwoven with mysticism and fantasy, Eternal Love by Nived is an exceptional choice that will keep you thoroughly entertained.

Pages: 248: | ASIN: B08P3XQK52

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