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Religion Does Not Equal Spirituality

Alan Gill Author Interview

God-Catholic Audacity explores how the Catholic Church has become the organization the world sees today and where it has gone astray from the real meaning of God’s purpose and how to connect with God. What inspired you to write this book? 

This is the sixth book in a series on God – all have the same motive, namely to help people succeed in life ……… share in the Divine Nature. 

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

The world’s religions are not of any help spiritually, but mislead people to believe they have a relationship with God when they do not.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about organized religion of any kind?

God is not serious in the scriptures and/or God’s love will cover their many faults and they will still succeed.

Do you have future books planned on the topic of religion and God?

There are a total of six books written in the last 2.5 years and all are published. I have done three with LT and may do all six.

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I suspect every person would like to believe in God and in a wonderful eternity. I do not know of a more significant and universal struggle than to determine the meaning of life. This book provides help in understanding life that will allow you to overcome the difficulties of the present time and verifies the reality of an inconceivably wonderful next existence.
Those who reject God and religion often do so based on reasonable and seemingly valid observations. There is a powerful distinction that can allow the huge leap from disbelief. Few have realized that “God is not the problem, religion is the problem.” Thus do not place anger against God and His word. God gets the blame because the world wrongly assumes God is automatically attached to the word “religion.” God is NEVER associated with the “religions of the world.” God is only associated with the truth. Religion to have value needs to bring the truth, but that is seldom the case and instead brings confusion.
Understanding the audacity and brazenness of Catholicism is invaluable to comprehend the devastation brought to first-century Christianity. This book explains Catholicism’s audacity, which will allow a better understanding of all religions. Catholicism has influenced religions that even predate the Catholic Church inasmuch as they make Christianity appear highly undesirable. The Catholic Church’s aggressive paranoia and religious domination over much of the last 1400 plus years have left their marks on just about everything and everyone. There is an adversary to the success you desire in life, and if it causes you to be unsuccessful, you would properly label it as evil. Evil can be well disguised and sometimes never discovered because it appears good. The best place to hide evil is in religion.
This book provides a wealth of knowledge about God and life along with overwhelming evidence. You will learn that God has no association with human suffering, and in fact, God is the perfect absence of evil. How can that be, since, by definition, everything must originate with God? We possess very human logic, but God’s intellect is infinitely greater. Things outside our realm can only be understood if God reveals them. Dealing with God means dealing with perfection, and as you better understand His perfection, you will correctly understand things like human suffering.
God’s PURPOSE is to have you succeed, meaning to share in His Divine Nature. Although the saving message is for all, only those with the character God requires will diligently pursue God and truth. That character is demonstrated in humankind’s free-will choices.
Although it defies human logic, God CANNOT do everything, and one of several things He cannot do is lie. He limits Himself in this regard. God cannot simply assign people to share in His Divine Nature since He is the perfect absence of evil and is perfectly impartial. You will come to appreciate God while being amazed at how religion has been naïve as a result of its doctrines.
God’s message does not require theologians to decipher the meaning. The ones God seeks will understand the message if they have a good heart and a love of the truth. The Catholic and Protestant Churches have obscured the essence of Christianity. We will show how these two religions lost their way from their very beginnings.
It is time to make a real connection with God that is powerful, continually verifiable, encouraging, and provides real hope of heaven. Only God can tie everything together perfectly from the beginning, and that is one way there is the validation of the truth.
We will clarify the confusion brought by religion by differentiating between a physical religion and a spiritual religion. This distinction can easily be made with a diligent effort that allows you to understand what you believe.

God-Catholic Audacity

God-Catholic Audacity by author Alan P. Gill is a captivating and thought-provoking book that explores the origins and practices of Catholicism. With a historical perspective, Gill presents his analysis of the Catholic Church, challenging readers to reconsider their beliefs in a refreshing way. The author’s willingness to tackle controversial topics, such as the baptism of infants and the travels of the apostle Peter, adds to the intrigue of this book. Gill presents his unapologetic thoughts and raises significant questions that encourage readers to engage with the text on a deeper level.

Of particular interest is Gill’s argument about the distinction between religion and relationship, which offers readers a fresh perspective on Catholicism. He argues that Catholicism emphasizes adherence to specific actions rather than living a life for God. This compelling argument challenges traditional Catholic beliefs, and the author’s sentence, “Do not believe what you are told, but understand what you believe,” is especially powerful. This sentence challenges readers to examine their own beliefs and think critically about their faith. Although some readers may find Gill’s style overly persuasive, the book presents fascinating ideas that are worth exploring for those seeking a new perspective on Catholicism. The author’s straightforward approach and lack of sugar-coating make for a refreshing read.

God-Catholic Audacity is a comprehensive book, providing an abundance of information and research that makes it a valuable addition to any reader’s collection. It is a thought-provoking read that will leave readers contemplating long after they have finished the book. Gill’s work offers a challenging yet engaging exploration of Catholicism, making it a must-read for anyone interested in religion or history.

Pages: 509 | ASIN: B09N2T5NXK

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