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Breaking Birds

Breaking Birds: A psychological thriller written in poetic verse by [H.M Roberts]

Breaking Birds: A Psychological Thriller in Verse, by H.M. Roberts is a story of cruelty, obsession, captivity, and murder. I am finding this a unique book to summarize, as it is certainly unlike any thriller I have ever read before. It is not a whodunnit, so there are no clues to follow. There is no traditional setting. A funeral is mentioned, a park, and a house. There is no dialogue between characters. Each page is a poem, as if a chapter in a novel. Each poem belongs to one of four perspectives. This intriguing story brings readers directly into the mind of the killer. We watch the object of their obsession through the monster’s own eyes. The fascinating imagery will keep readers turning pages.

I was enthralled with the unique storytelling in this story. There are no character names. The only hints to different characters are the words “me,” “about her”,” the girl,” and “a child,” which are set on each page like watermarks. Author Roberts uses different fonts to help differentiate voices which I found to be helpful. I would not consider it is a spoiler to say that I think the voices behind “me” and “about her” are the same person. I could not find enough text evidence to determine if the character of “me” was male or female. I was convinced “me” was male and then the character of “a child” who seems female, also seemed to be a younger version of “me.” Although different fonts were used for “about her” and “the girl” they both seem to be referencing the same female. At the same time those passages marked “about her” and “the girl” seem to be the thoughts of the “me” character. All of this dragged me deep into the contemplative depths of this cerebral story.

Even though I was a little confused at times I liked this book and found the concept to be very interesting. Breaking Birds is a riveting psychological thriller that tells a gripping story in verse.

Pages: 173 | ASIN: B09C47RZPC

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