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Hugo Deani Runs Late

Hugo Deani Runs Late by [Sharon CassanoLochman, Pearly Lim]

Hugo Deani Runs Late is a charming children’s story about a boy who is given a task by his grandmother to get some cake and flowers and hurry home. But along the way he gets distracted by all the fun things happening around him.

This is a fun and relatable children’s book that really builds a sense of urgency. After he’s told by nearly everyone he meets that he must hurry home Hugo, l like any child, just wants to have fun, and has plenty of opportunity to do so. This is a fantastic children’s book that teaches kids to stay on task and not get distracted. The words in the story are simple, in context, and repeat so new readers will have an easy time reading the story and build their vocabulary in the process. The wonderful graphic art has a spray-painted feel with lots of depth that really catches your eye.

Although Hugo often gets distracted he knows he must hurry and his race to both have fun and get home gets the interest of those he encounters along the way and I loved that they all followed him home, creating a parade of characters near the surprise ending.

Hugo Deani Runs Late is a fun kid’s picture book that is reminiscent of classic children’s literature. This is a great book for parents and teachers that want to educate their young readers to stay on task in a fun way.

Pages: 33 | ASIN: B095J4M7R1

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