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Isle of Dragons – Book Trailer

Watch steampunk technology and high fantasy witchcraft clash in this heroine’s fast-paced, epic journey to rescue her father from dragons and reveal the evil secrets of the noble court.

On the run from the royal army in a giant mechanical centipede, sixteen-year-old Jade Sol embarks on a dangerous adventure to help her father escape from the Isle of Dragons—a land of untamed magic that some believe only exists in myth.

When Jade is cornered by soldiers, a mysterious witch named Miria Atkins rescues her, calling on spirits from a magical realm to channel their mystical energy into light and matter. Jade begs Miria and the sorceress’s mechanist brother, Dan, to join her quest.

The siblings resist at first, but their hearts soften when they hear of her father’s fate. Their own parents had attempted an expedition from Vansh to the Isle of Dragons years ago and never returned. Together, the trio of young heroes journey across the feudal countryside trek across the sea to become the first humans to reach the elusive Isle of Dragons.

Die-hard readers of Angelique S. Anderson’s Dracosinum Tales and Jessica Drake’s Dragon Riders of Elantia series will find L. A. Thompson’s writing magnetic, impassioned, and clever in this novel’s twisting plot. The first in a trilogy.

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Isle of Dragons

Isle of Dragons by [L. A. Thompson, Thea Nicolescu, Pam Elise Harris, Tara Lewis, Jennifer Rees]

Isle of Dragons by L.A. Thompson is a unique fantasy adventure story combining steampunk with magic in some very interesting ways. The story takes the reader on one young girl’s journey, Jade of House Sol, to rescue her father — the only family she has left, from the mystical Isle of Dragons. Many dangers await her on the road to the isle, not least riding dragons, learning magic and battling a king. Rumor has it that Jade’s father has been taken to the Isle of Dragons — an island that could be myth or reality, where many have ventured, but none have thus returned.

The magical world Thompson has created with her writing is filled with fantastical creatures, steampunk machines and dragons. The heroine must travel to a variety of exciting landscapes, from mystical forests to deserts, all of them feel exotic and have a depth that makes them feel real. These descriptions are never a distraction from the narrative but rather serve to create an enchanting world that the reader will get happily lost in. Our heroine meets many new friends along the way. These provide interesting character interactions and highlight the kindness of strangers. Jade is a feisty and determined young girl who has genuine love and loyalty for her family and friends. She is a noble, or ex-noble as she likes to remind people, and her fall from grace is an interesting aspect of the story, and her character, that I enjoyed. Author L.A. Thompson has an ability to create depth and complexity in her characters, making them both relatable and authentic.

There are many positive themes explored in this young adult adventure tale that will be beneficial to young readers like perseverance and family. Another positive aspect of Isle of Dragons is how action-packed the storyline is. Whenever Jade ventures out, usually with Miria, they encounter some obstacle that sets the tension high and makes sure you keep flipping pages.

While I enjoyed the story, I felt that I had to discern all connections and motivations of the characters from dialogue and action sequences. I wanted a few moments where I was in Miria’s or Jade’s head and I got to listen to their internal thoughts.

Isle of Dragons is a fast paced adventure story with a fascinating plot that is filled with plenty of action and heart. This is a riveting novel that I think will appeal to fans of the steampunk or mythical fantasy genre. This book has definitely got me excited for the series.

Pages: 383 | ASIN: B08PDQVHXS

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