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We Are At Crossroads

Jani Viswanath
Jani Viswanath Author Interview

Echoes of Light is a collection of thought-provoking poetry and stories that explore powerful but common emotions. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Echoes of light is a book of short stories and Poems. Each one inspired from people I meet during my extensive travels to remote places.

We are at Crossroads as a race… we need to re evaluate ourselves.

My desire was to refresh our minds and bring back the nostalgia of simplicity , the sensitivity, the joy of human bonding that we had before life became so hectic, digitized and impersonal. The simple acts of kindness without expectations that we have forgotten and the immense joy it brings.

The last few years have been globally difficult and challenging in many ways and more so for the impoverished and broken sections of society. Now , more than ever is the dire need to reach out and do what little we can to help and provide some relief to those who have very little or nothing at all and despite of our phenomenal advancement, we are fraught with stress, restlessness, mindless competitiveness and the financial, mental and emotional damage that takes away the joy from everyday living.

this is the time for us to set aside our differences and unite as the privileged superior race we are and rediscover the simple joys of living and giving and to heal more than we hurt.

What is your favorite poem from this collection?

Requiem is my fav Poem & the short story close to my heart is “ The last Fortnight”

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in your poetry?

The futility of War, the magic of Love, nostalgia of the old times, the senselessness & folly of our fanatic competitiveness and self -obsession, the forgotten basic secrets of real happiness, the incomparable joy of simple gestures of kindness, the undervalued importance of living in the moment, and the vanishing sensitivity and empathy that are the fundamental threads that bind us as a race.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My next book is a coffee table photo book of my art & quotes– I paint with knives and blades on Oils.

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A rare and inspiring gift of short stories and poetry which
will warm the spirit and uplift the reader as they appreciate
a world woven with messages of love, compassion and hope.
Echoes of light accentuates the basic, simple requirements for
the happiness we so desperately crave, and the essential quality
that we are all gifted with, to attain it.
These Stories and poems are immersed with the myriad emotions
of the magnificent human psyche – kindness, hope, redemption;
the magic of compassion, and the unparalleled joy of giving
The Poems touch on the futility of our hyper active lifestyles
and the need for slowing down to truly enjoy this beautiful
journey called life.
The stories are set in various parts of the world – reaffirming
the fact that wherever we are, whichever part of the world
we belong to and whatever religion we choose to follow –
the fundamental thread that binds us and unites us is love,
humanity and joy.
Discover a world of true inspiration, of generosity and love so
rarely experienced in our fast-paced world.
Each story and poem reflect so much which has been forgotten
and the humanity we long to rediscover and would love to
teach our children….

Echoes of Light

Echoes of Light by [Jani Viswanath]

Echoes of Light, by Jani Viswanathis a compilation of poems and short stories with the common underlying theme of hope, compassion, and love for the world around us and the people in it. The book consists of five poems covering five major themes of death, mortality, uncertainty, nostalgia and love. Additionally, there are six short stories that are set across the world with a common thread of compassion and humanity that perfectly sets the tone of the book. The stories take us from pandemic struck Indonesia to the caste system of India, and each story manages to stir up deep emotions of humanity that make us feel for all the people that Viswanath talks about.

The short stories evoke deep emotions. Written beautifully and in sweet, simple language that is easy to consume, these short stories talk about ordinary lives and their struggles. In less than twenty pages, the author makes us feel for the characters, empathize with their struggles and bring the story to a satisfying conclusion about how they conquer them. A cherry on the cake is the individual brief introductions to the theme before every poem and short story and the epigraphy to the book, which help set the tone for the upcoming story or poem. These small things, this focus on details, provides an overall soothing literary experience for the reader. Everyone indeed will find something that they cherish in this book.

Echoes of Light is an impassioned book with wonderfully immersive stories and beautiful overarching themes. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an uplifting read, which connects with their heart and soul and truly speaks to them. The poems touch upon the futility of human life and bring up a myriad of emotions, so the readers are in for a emotionally-charged journey of discovery.

Pages: 180 | ASIN: B097P8N83S

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