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A Heartfelt Conversation With The Moon

Natcole Staskiewicz Author Interview

Lacie’s Moon follows a little girl who embarks on a fantastic adventure where she learns about love and grief. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Amyia Staskiewicz?

Amyia is my daughter and that made working on this project extra special. She had been drawing since she was six years old, and I was happy she said yes when I approached her to do the project with me. It was during a difficult time and we had loss many loved ones. She created the character, and everything took off from there. I was amazed that without reading the full story and with little instructions she was still able to capture its essence.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun creating?

When Lacie rides through the stars having a heartfelt conversation with the moon. It was both fun and therapeutic because I was grieving alongside her.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am currently working on a couple of book projects. One of them is the next book in the “Little People Big Emotions” series which focus on children processing their feelings. It will feature Lacie adjusting to having a new sibling. It has just started the illustrating phase and I anticipate it will be available by early 2023. The second book is a story about kindness, and I am working to make it available by December 2022.

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Rated #1 New Release
Awarded Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival

Understanding grief is never easy.

Lacie’s Moon follows a happy little girl who can’t imagine life being anything else until she learns that two members of her family have died. She loved them with all her heart. And they loved her to the moon and back. Now they’re gone forever…
Not sure what to do, Lacie shouts out to the moon. To her surprise, she wakes to the moon coming to her aid.
Can the moon help?
Natcole Staskiewicz has thoughtfully crafted a beautiful story to help your child cope with loss. Each page is accompanied with wonderful illustrations by her daughter, Amyia Staskiewicz, that helps bring the story to life.
This book is wonderful for elementary grade children and older, who can then discuss it with their parents and family. This is also for adults who need a gentle reminder that the ones we love stay with us…through their never-ending love.

Lacie’s Moon

Lacie has recently lost two people in her family that she loved dearly. One night, while struggling to cope with the loss, her mother tells her a story about the girl who rides the moon. As Lacie drifts off to sleep she embarks on a fantastic adventure where she meets the moon and learns about love and loss. But is it just a dream? Or did it all really happen?

Author Natcole Staskiewicz has created a heartfelt children’s book that will help children understand love, grief and deal with loss. This exquisite kids book is like a fairy tale. The reader and Lacie are not sure if it actually happened until the wonderful twist at the end. This is an imaginative picture book that explores loss and love in a unique way that will be easy for young kids to understand.

Every other page is illustrated with sharp kawaii pop art. These vivid images bring a vibrant quality to the whole book and ensures that, even though the subject matter may be a little sad, the book feels lively. The art was my favorite part of the book. This could easily be a comic series. I would love to see Lacie go on many more adventures.

Lacie’s Moon is a beautiful children’s book that will be perfect for elementary school kids that are starting to read on their own. It would also be great for parents to read to smaller children at bedtime as the brilliant illustrations will surely keep their attention while adults read the story to them. This is an educational story about a tough subject but author Natcole Staskiewicz handles it with grace.

Pages: 59 | ASIN: B0B3NB4P15

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