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Death at Dusbar College

Death at Dusbar College: A Story of Antyfas by Laura DiNovis Berry is set in the magical world of Antyfas, where 11-year-old Christiano visits Dusbar college with his aunt Laura. Anxious to solve the Grand Magician’s riddle, he sets out on an intriguing adventure. While on his way to solving this riddle, he runs into interesting situations, from talking frogs to floating hats and magicians. Will Christiano be the lucky one to solve the riddle? You’ll have to dive right in to find out.  

Author Laura DiNovis Berry has created a magical world with much thought, care, and precision that will captivate young readers’ minds. The author’s quirky imagination is expertly displayed on each page, making this magical realm come to life in the reader’s mind. Many parts in the book carry a theatrical appeal allowing the reader to clearly visualize the scenes and characters, almost like watching a movie. This book reminded me of Harry Potter but for younger readers and with a less complicated plot.  

The author has done a great job captivating the essence of young children down to how they speak and act. The author’s writing is easy to follow along, and she makes this a fun and engaging read with magic and adventure. The author has packed great detail in a short story and images to accompany the chapters. The reader will find themselves rooting for Christiano, who is determined to solve the riddle despite all odds. I truly enjoyed Christiano’s charisma and confidence.  

For parents and young readers looking for a fascinating read to take them on an enchanting adventure, this is the book for you. I highly recommend this whimsical read for middle schoolers fascinated by magic and mystery. You will have a great time exploring the world of Antyfas and the characters it contains.

Pages: 82 | ISBN : 1644564173

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