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Virginia O'Malley
Virginia O’Malley Author Interview

Mythos Early Ireland recounts the inspiration of mystical Celtic traditions. What kind of research did you undertake to complete this book thought-provoking book?

I have always been interested in history and mythology from a young age but became more interested in the subject when I was working on a research project in my 20s for the Office of Public Works in Ireland. Archaeologists and assistants were employed to research the sites, monuments, and history of the area. I worked as an assistant, working with the team on site with archaeological field work. It also involved spending a lot of time in the local libraries collecting information from old manuscripts and books. From this learning experience, I became interested in mythological stories and started doing research for my draft manuscript.

The manuscript was first written in the early 1990’s and after a lot of editing it was accepted for publication by the Manuscript and Publishing Agency Ltd, UK and published in 2005. During the lockdown this year, I felt I needed to update and self-published my book with Kindle Desktop Publishing (Amazon). I am delighted with the control I have with the book publishing process on KDP and I have discovered a lot about book publishing.

Stories have been told throughout the years on this subject of mythology and early Ireland with publications as early as 11th to 12th century and I found some wonderful books that inspired me (18th and early 19th century), many out of print and were borrowed from the libraries at the time though some are my own personal copies. Books have always been a part of our life growing up as children; my dad often bought boxes of books for us at the local auctions, many which included works by Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde.

Do you plan to publish more books on this subject?

I have not planned any more books about Irish mythology, but this might change. There seems to be a lot of books out there already. I am really inspired by the classics, the old authors alive or dead and I have a full list of inspired works listed in Mythos Early Ireland.

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This book was written for the love of Irish mythology and gives an insight into the myths, religion and arts with original poetry accompanied by the story recounting the great inspiration of magical and mystical traditions of Celtic times. Meet the early tribes, battles and war-witches, the Celtic love stories and otherworld sagas from our past.

Mythos Early Ireland

Mythos Early Ireland by [Virginia O'Malley]

There is much to be gained from studying the myths that shape a culture. Ireland is certainly no exception. Celtic mythology is rich with tales of lovers, warriors, heroes, and fairies. The imagery these stories conjure is colorful, full of life, and begs retelling. Ireland’s customs and legends are largely based on the mythical stories passed from one generation to the next. In addition, Ireland boasts many symbols and sayings known the world over, and many of them originated within these tales. Nowhere are these stories more succinctly encapsulated than in Virginia O’Malley’s Mythos: Early Ireland.

The Celtic culture has always fascinated me. From early one, I was drawn to the stories of fairies and leprechauns. There is just something about the fantasies of Ireland that draws upon the best parts of one’s imagination. Virginia O’Malley has given readers like me, eager for more of Ireland’s folklore, something to sink our teeth into. This brief but thorough overview of the most popular myths of Ireland includes poetry, sayings and proverbs, as well as detailed explanations of the importance of symbols like the harp, ravens, and even dogs.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading her more detailed accounts of stories I have encountered here and there my entire life. I think my favorite part of O’Malley’s book is the section on sayings. The author does a wonderful job of providing readers with a reference book that serves as much, if not more, as entertainment.

Pages: 87 | ASIN: B0876CMBC8

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