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Ramiro Espinoza has a promising future in his Heavy Metal band Irate. However, his past haunts him and prevents him from enjoying his achievements. Since he was a young boy, he felt a connection with music and strived to become a great vocalist and bassist. His early life was complicated because he comes from a dysfunctional family where Jorge, his father, inflicted physical and emotional harm on his family, justifying his abuse with bible passages. Fortunately, his mother and sister supported Ramiro’s dreams, and he used his music to cope with the emotions caused by the conflicts with his father. Eventually, he met Noelle, a House/Techno singer who gave up her career to travel on Irate’s tour around the world. Now Ramiro must learn to open his heart and face the problems with his father to achieve true success in life and develop a healthy relationship with Noelle.

Author Alexis Soleil has a detailed narration style. She introduces readers to Ramiro through the significant moments of his life. Readers first meet him in his youth, when he is a teenager and in a rebellious period. There are good moments, for example, when he gets a tattoo of a 3D tarantula, and bad situations as when his father kicks him out of the house on Christmas. Eventually, we see Ramiro maturing with his career, developing a relationship with Noelle, and coming to terms with his family’s issues.

Alexis Soleil doesn’t just focus on Roamiro; Noelle is an essential part of this story and has strong character development and her own personal conflicts to resolve. This diversity in the character’s personalities and ethnic backgrounds enriches the narrative because it shows that everyone has conflicts to resolve.

IRATE: A Rocker’s Raging Romance has a dark plot with intense scenes and mature language. This novel is focused on the world of Heavy Metal and shows a realistic perspective with touring, problems in the band, and even with Noelle seeing the reactions from fans. I recommend this contemporary romance for those that enjoy the lifestyle of Heavy Metal music, complicated romantic relationships, and self-discovery.

Pages: 354 | ASIN : B09F62BDRV

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Lessons on Seduction

Lessons on Seduction by Estelle Pettersen is a passionate, erotic romance novel that will fully satisfy the appetites of the fans of this genre. Julian Carpenter Richland is a university professor focused on studying and researching archaeology. He’s extremely committed to his job and area of study but lives a second-secret lifestyle filled with dangerous affairs and lustful encounters. On the other side of the spectrum is Sapphire Blake, a conservative woman and a people-pleaser yearning to feel much more than her religion allows. When these two personalities clash, a new world of romance and passion will be discovered. Still, past mistakes may taint and endanger what initially seemed to be an exciting, daring, and loving relationship.

The story is told from two perspectives: Julian’s and Sapphire’s. This choice allowed the author to present a complete picture of their romantic relationship and how their connection slowly developed and, with time, turned into so much more than they could expect or wish. As a result, the narration is immersive, and the reader can thoroughly blend into the story and understand the perspectives of each character. Julian and Sapphire’s relationship begins as a playful thing that unexpectedly evolves into something more; their chemistry overflows each page and lets the reader get excited to see where everything leads. There’s romance, love, passion, and lust. Still, there’s also an unexpected layer of destructive and unkind realms that gives the story a level of tension that takes its complexity to another level.

One quickly flies through this book; it’s simply one of those you want to finish in one sitting to fully capture its essence, allowing you to get the best experience possible. The storyline is well-developed, and it covers many areas of the relationship that is portrayed. There are also a few time jumps, a successful strategy that feels believable and lets the reader get a fuller timeline of said relationship. Julian is described from the beginning as an expert on seduction. As a professor, he makes it his challenge to instruct his newest interest, Sapphire, on everything one can learn about what can go behind closed doors between two people who find each other irresistible. Soon the romance develops, making their relationship more captivating.

Lessons on Seduction by Estelle Pettersen is an adventurous and unpredictable romance that will explore many avenues, and the opposing personalities of the characters, matched with their unusual attraction, will turn this into an exciting and passionate story that you’ll want to devour from beginning to end.

Pages: 198 | ASIN : B08BKRPF63

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The Silence in the Sound

The Silence in the Sound pulls readers into Martha’s Vineyard’s cozy, isolated land, where Georgette wrestles with childhood trauma and works to find her place in the world. Growing up, she had a complicated relationship with her alcoholic father, who she could never fully trust. George moves to the lovely Martha’s Vineyard as a young adult, beginning her nursing career, and becomes the primary caretaker for an elderly celebrity author, with whom she develops a feisty yet endearing friendship. Her strength and independence shine at work, but her tough exterior is challenged when she meets the attractive and mysterious Dock. George must decide if love is strong enough to overcome her profoundly ingrained trust issues.

Dianne C. Braley’s novel tells a painful story in a charming way, so that the reader can’t help but root for Georgette. The writing style is conversational and pragmatic, so it feels as if a close friend is relating stories directly from her life to you. At first, I found the writing to be a bit cumbersome, but I got more accustomed to it as I continued reading. There were moments throughout the story where I felt frustrated by Georgette because she seemed to be letting life happen to her rather than taking action and making changes herself. However, I think that attribute resulted from her troubled past, so it ultimately added realism to the character.

The foreshadowing at the beginning, where Georgette returns to the island “to say goodbye,” added a mysterious and dark undertone to the story. At times, the plot seemed to drag a bit, but the latter half of the book increased in drama and intensity. The characters and the subject matter were well described, but the telling of the story could have been more compelling.

The Silence in the Sound is a heartfelt coming of age novel that explores how growing up with addition and abuse in ones life impacts choices that are made later in life. It is an emotional read that will leave the reader remembering of Georgette after they have finished the book.

Pages: 389 | ASIN : B0B7BGMRFZ

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