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Faith in the Path You are Meant to Walk

Nicole Thomas
Nicole Thomas Author Interview

I thought the Tales of Elhaanai had a unique setup and an interesting premise. What were some sources that informed this novels development?

This story came to me in an actual dream. I woke Up early one morning with the visual of a heavily pregnant Alanna running for her life through a misty forest. I was in a place in my life where I felt stagnant, I had been praying to God for guidance. This is what I was given. And it stated me on a path I am excited to continue.

I enjoyed your intriguing and well developed characters. Who was your favorite character to write for?

I loved All my characters but I have had the most fun writing Akronius and Wleia.

What were some themes that were important for you to focus on in this book?

Faith was the primary theme I wanted my readers to grasp. Faith in the path you are meant to walk and also that where you begin does not automatically determine where you end up. You can decide which road you will take. We all have a great propensity for good or evil, we have to decide which will win.

This is book one in your forthcoming series. What can readers expect in book two?

Yes. Book two will be released in January and the ebook is available for preorder now. It gets a bit darker in book two, and some lines are clearly drawn while others are crossed entirely. Book three will hopefully be released in May 2021 as well.

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The desire for power is the root of all evil, betrayal is the currency to get it and keep it, by any means necessary. The one with the most strength and faith, be they good or evil, will be the victor. Join Alric and his friends as they walk the road to destiny.

Tales of Elhaanai

Tales of Elhaanai by [Nicole Thomas]

Tales of Elhaanai, by Nicole Thomas, is a mystical fantasy tale of power and betrayal. It is a book that follows the rightful heir to the throne of Elhaanai on a journey to regain his destiny. In the thirst for power, the King of Elhaanai is killed by his sister and is also after the life of the Queen of Elhaanai who is pregnant with a child. She gets cornered and shot with an arrow. However, she is determined to save her unborn child and so through a magical ritual, the Queen puts the soul of her child into a widow named Wleia, who herself is already pregnant. Wleia gives birth to twins. Sixteen years later, the son Eric and his twin sister from Wleia set out to regain the throne which was snatched from his parents and is his ultimate destiny.

Tales of Elhaanai is the first in a series of fantasy books by author Nicole Thomas. This novel delivers the perfect setup for a series that will be steeped in family rivalries and bitter battles for power. Nicole Thomas is a wonderful story-teller and immediately pulls you into the book with plot twists, magic, suspense, and much more, from the very start. The characters are well-written with a uniqueness to each of them. One of my favorites is Wleia who is wise and fierce but kind at the same time. She is the unsung hero of this book. However, Nicole still manages to not let the reader get lost in too many characters.

This was a very gripping read with the theme of good vs. evil embedded throughout. The novel is fast-paced and the character development is strong. Another central theme of the novel is Faith. Walking on the path of destiny to regain the lost destiny requires a lot of faith and it is well incorporated into this novel.

The writing is sharp for a first-time writer. Although I would have liked to explore the preceding life of the Queen and King of Elhaanai a bit more and in the beginning, it is a bit harder to make sense of where we are starting, the novel is still engaging for the rest of the story.

The words are crisp and clear and the ending leaves you wanting more. I believe Tales of Elhaanai can be enjoyed by both young adults and new adults alike. Tales of Elhaanai is a very entertaining fantasy novel that was hard to put down.

Pages: 130 | ASIN: B0874DYVJB

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