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So . . . You Wrote a Book, Now What?

Every aspiring writer should get a hold of this book not only because of the great advice given by Christian Freed but also because of how funny he is when explaining concepts. So . . . You Wrote a Book, Now What? is an informative book that provides a lot of great advice that is relevant to writers embarking on their publishing journey.  Christian Freed writes about real challenges that you will encounter as you struggle to come up with the idea of the book, the writing process and how to arrange your thoughts. I also enjoyed how the author discusses the ugly side of writing, which is a topic often overlooked. He gives readers an idea of how difficult the journey can be without being discouraging. Christian Freed uses his experience as an example to give readers a clear picture of how exciting and tedious the writing process can be.

You have written your book well, and it has been published, now what? How do you sell your book? Which methods are best for marketing? How do you look for support from your friends, family and colleagues? Christian Freed addresses all these issues that authors face. He talks of successful published authors and discusses what they did right. The author also provides great advice on building your name or author brand, which is a section that I found particularly helpful. Among all the practical advice the author infuses amusing jokes and quotes to keep readers engaged and smiling.

Christian Freed brings the reader into his world, unafraid of pointing out his own mistakes. By doing this, the author forms a connection with the reader, understand where he’s coming from, and makes it easy for one to digest his content.

Every chapter in the book is significant, but one of the chapters I found most crucial was on building a brand. How do you make your name and book big? The author shares quick tips on how to make yourself known.

So . . . You Wrote a Book, Now What? provides actionable advice for authors that are trying to find their way in the wild world of publishing. It can seem daunting, but Christian Freed gives readers a prescription for success with his enlightening guide.

Pages: 108 | ASIN: B09DB1BHWR

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Now What?: Managing a Sudden Transition in Your Career

Now What?: Managing a Sudden Transition in Your Career by [Annella Metoyer]

Now What? Managing a Sudden Transition In Your Career is a book that will always be relevant to any ambitious professional. The information shared by the author, tips on how to grow your career and become the best in the team, and general life advice shared by the author make this book a gem. Annella Metoyer writes from experience. The guidance she gives is solid and objective. I enjoyed reading this book because the author addresses different professional groups and even shares tips on how to navigate the career world. From her book, I believe that a day spent with Annella Metoyer would help one make the right career choices.

While I expected career advice, I was pleasantly surprised to also find a discussion about technology and its impacts. As an individual whose career was directly affected by the changes that technology has brought, Annella had prudent words for those that are just starting out. One way of staying relevant is going the extra mile. The author talks about working hard, working smart and grabbing opportunities whenever they present themselves. The step by step approach shared by the author when getting into a career, making connections and knowing when to leave if possible will be helpful to many students as well as corporate employees.

Apart from her professional life, Annella also touched on her personal life. I enjoyed reading about the challenges she faced and how she handled every issue. This book is an enlightening book with expert advice from an experienced professional. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a career coach or mentor in the professional world.

With practical and actionable advice that you can put to use right away Now What? is a critical book that will ensure your success if you were recently let go from a job you thought was secure. This should be your first step to getting back on track.

Pages: 106 | ASIN:‎ B091ZGC2TQ

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