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Sammy the Flying Squirrel

Sammy is a flying squirrel that is afraid to learn how to fly. Every day while his brother and sister would practice flying up in the trees, Sammy stayed on the ground and played with his friend Sarah. Sarah was Sammy’s best friend, and he would do anything for her. One day while they were playing on the forest floor Thomas The Terrible Tomcat decided he was going to pounce on poor Sarah when she fell and got hurt. Sammy must decide what to do in order to save his friend. Can he overcome his fear of flying?

Sammy the Flying Squirrel: Who Was Afraid to Fly, written by Zivile Cecilia Brubeck, is a captivating picture book for young readers. The illustrations are cute and imaginative. In addition, the illustrator really brings to life the joy that Sammy and Sarah have playing together.

This children’s book teaches the lessons of overcoming your fears and the importance of friendship. Sammy may be a flying squirrel, but he is afraid to learn to fly. He is also scared to tell anyone about his fears. Every day he would make excuses for why he could not practice flying with his siblings. The wonderful thing is no one ever shames him or teases him about his fears or that he is not learning at the same time as the others.

Sarah is not a flying squirrel, and she likes Sammy just the way he is. The two squirrels, despite their differences, find a way to play and have fun together. They build a strong friendship, and when disaster strikes, Sammy is there for her.

Sammy the Flying Squirrel: Who Was Afraid to Fly is a heartwarming picture book about overcoming fears and building friendships. This is a beautiful book for teachers and parents to use to introduce the concept that everyone gets afraid now and then, and that is ok.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B08XTR52BJ

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