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A Hopeful Roadmap

Milton Schacter Author Interview

Regrets follows an old white man that travels to the past and enters an African American boys body and life. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thought-provoking book?

Current American cultural conflicts provide no avenue for the young ghetto dweller to reap the rewards of success in America. Bradley’s world view gives DeShawn a way out that he did not, and could not conceive. DeShawn bought into Bradley’s regrets, avoided them, and succeeded. I wanted to provide a hopeful roadmap.

Bradley is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some ideas that drove his character development?

Everyone has regrets. Anyone who says “I would live my life over in the same manner”, is lying to themselves and everyone else. In order to map the regrets, Bradley’s life had to be reviewed and his character developed in a way that brought him to realize he was not a good person.

The novel explores issues of race and life choices. What were some themes you wanted to focus on in this book?

The theme is the way to a good and satisfying life requires competency, energy, and a willingness to work, which is available to us everyone in this country. We need to see it. Maybe someone who reads this book will see it.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Next book is Devlin. A former International “avenger, or enforcer, or assassin” is put out to pasture under a new identity after a part of his character is broken. After a few years, he falls into a situation not of his doing, but puts him in a danger he cannot understand. He learns the source of the danger, and then must act to preserve the anonymity he wanted very much to recapture. It will be available mayber in six months. Writing a book is time consuming and a lot of work.

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Bradley Miller was a Midwestern white boy who became a lawyer. He lived a life full of experiences, many of them bad, many of which he regrets. For some reason, he was able to try over again, but it was in someone else’s body, in someone else’s mind, in someone else’s place. He was now DeShawn in the heart of Detroit’s ghetto.


Regrets by [Milton Schacter]

Bradley, a grumpy old man, goes into his favorite liquor store one night to get a bottle of wine. Not knowing of what is awaiting him, everything changes when he is shot by a mugger. It would be obvious for Bradley’s story to end with his death but he wakes up in his former school where he used to play basketball and meets Pete who explains to him that his life is not over yet and how linear time works. Bradley is given another chance to live and face all the things he regrets from his younger age and makes amends but this will happen in the body of a young African American teen named DeShawn.

The author introduces his readers to the life of Bradley in a unique manner that I found to be full of gripping twists. The plot is easy to follow and captivating. The readers can feel the confusion of Bradley when he wakes up in his former high school in a different teens body, yet he is in his seventies. This opens the reader to another world of intriguing possibilities and a unique view at what things would look like if something of the sort happened like what Bradley faced. Pete is a representation of the state between heaven and hell. The conversation between Pete and Brad is philosophical and riveting. When Brad is given another chance to go back, make amends and face his regrets, it superbly sets up the story to explore possibilities, and the plethora of possibilities is what makes this novel immensely engaging.

Every piece of this book has been crafted carefully and the story line is fascinating. More than just being a great book, it creates a bond between two different worlds; the Midwestern life of Bradley and the “hood” life of DeShawn. Regrets uses a unique idea to explore the choices we all make in life. The author has also done a marvelous job of addressing the issues that most African Americans face in America and he advocates for Black Lives Matter in a fictional yet realistic way. I highly recommend this book.

Pages: 319 | ASIN: B0892P99KN

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