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Regrets, Love, Sex and Life Lessons

Regrets, Love, Sex and Life Lessons by Melissa Owens will take you on an evocative and scandalous journey through a series of short stories about relationships and life choices that have expected and unexpected outcomes. This provocative compilation of narratives will be relatable to many and shocking to most. Should you keep quiet about inappropriate affairs in the workplace? Can you ignore the red flags with the new boyfriend? Is your gut feeling about someone reliable? Should you act upon passion driven impulses? These are the questions the characters have to answer for themselves and live with the consequences: good, bad, or indifferent.

2 Imperfect People threw me for a loop and was a story that I did not expect. Author Melissa Owens sets a quick pace with this story and I wanted to read more. From there the stories took me on a roller coaster of emotions and I found myself rolling my eyes and rooting for the main character for sticking up for herself. I feel many of these stories will be relatable to many readers, especially women. The sex scenes were incredible; many of the characters in the stories were having sex for three hours! The author created vivid scenes that are filled with passion and yearning and sometimes that ended in disappointment for one of the characters, mostly the women. Country Carlton Has Taught Me a True Valuable Lesson in This Thing Called “Life” is another short story that surprised me because of Carlton’s behavior.

Author Melissa Owens has provided readers with a collection of intriguing stories about women and their experiences with dating, having sex, and regretting many decisions with the men that they choose. This is a captivating read and, while relatable, the last story in the book gives hope to many that there are still good ones out there.

Pages: 122 | ASIN: B09B4F7SS4

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A Black Woman’s Journey

“You live, and you learn” is an idiom we have all heard often, and those lessons can come at a disproportionately high cost when it comes to relationships. Learning to navigate the roads of life and love can be difficult, but author Melissa Owens has resolved to keep moving up despite past mistakes. A heartbreak, however painful, can always be an opportunity to discover a new truth, whether it be about yourself or the world around you, and it should never be viewed as the end of the world regardless of its hurt.

A Black Woman’s Journey: Memoirs Of Love, Pain Loss, Comfort, and Forgiveness is Melissa’s personal travels through relationships as she tries her best to become more than her childhood and inopportune beginnings. She begins by acknowledging the societal influences that lead women of color toward a life of unfilled and unrequited love, then immediately jumps into her own story with no hesitation.

Pulling no punches, Owens unflinchingly talks about her teen pregnancy, her first genuinely satisfying sexual experience. In these situations, she’d thought she’d found “the one” and every bit of good, bad, and ugly in between. It’s a fast-paced memoir that shows the power of perseverance and learning to recognize your own needs. Owens never shies away from her own flaws, fleshing them out as naturally and objectively as if she were talking about anyone else. This story could easily be received as a cautionary tale, but at its heart, it is more optimistic than that, telling others to live a life without regrets. Owens detailed an immense amount of pain and heartbreak, all at a relatively young age, but her message is always to focus on yourself and move on. Personal accountability plays heavily into her story to a refreshing degree.

I enjoyed A Black Woman’s Journey as it was a quick read and didn’t get into much depth with any of the encounters. However, it was an interesting insight into the resilience that is necessary for survival sometimes, whether it’s within the world of dating or just life in general. In addition, Owens writes with a candor that makes it seem as if she were beside you, simply having a conversation, which makes it a much more personal read.

Pages: 72 | ASIN : B0BD5F8L6D

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